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Quickie insight into bek's thought process, or one reason why AR is taking an inordinate amount of time to get anywhere

Posted on: Saturday, 16 February 2013 @ 1:21pm
Blatting about
More specifically

I have a "family tree" in MacFamilyTree which contains a lot of family saplings as it contains every named major and minor character and several unnamed but otherwise important ones (such as parents of siblings, as you need to list parents to be able to link people up as siblings).  The main part of the family tree seems to be tracing The Art from Taha'ne through Ter'wyn down to My'rai (currently the last descendant on the list, the character is about 8-10 in my head in his current state and I also have an idea of him as a teenager but only have snippets of story for him) which is rather entertaining as there is 1723 years between them.  That's a lot of characters even given that the Dragonkin live an average of 120 years.

"As is" screen cap of bek's desktop 2013-02-16

I have a virtual desktop set out as above (and this is a work in progress shot, the only pretty organising I did was arranging the screens in Pixelmator into the approximation that they are on my desk).  The large screen on the left contains LibreOffice which is currently showing the timeline spanning from 2009-4208CE with character story notes and historical events throughout.  The slightly smaller screen on the right has Lightwave panels and MacFamily Tree.  The smallest screen at the bottom is my Cintiq and currently contains Lightwave Modeler.

Normal switching is currently between modelling Za'haran and his aggravating twisty horns and proof-reading/editing the block I scripts, and when I'm stymied on either I'll scratch notes for block II, or find out more about the history of the universe inside my head and whatever characters I can find.  While I was charting down from MacFamilyTree from Taha'ne to one of her granddaughters (bit of a messy situation that resulted in this particular child), I got a flash and started marking person events at a rapid pace.

  • at 15-16 she goes to live with her biological father and attend some fancy school
  • the biological father isn't terrific but she graduates with great results, moves out and goes on to a fancy uni.  Not sheltered by her father and stepmother and not keeping as much contact with her stepfather and younger half-sister due to the business of preparing for uni and then term commencing, she gets distracted and for a while boys and drugs are more interesting, then she realises she's lost part of herself and goes home to her mother's birth village to find it again
  • after reconnecting with herself and her family, she heads back out to finish her course and stays on in that country and eventually gets married and has a kid and I think lives happily ever after

Do you think I have any clue what this girl's name is?

The rest of the family tree and saplings are not dissimilar; there are a lot of "Dragonkin", "Avian", "Evolved" and "Base" as I put those in for the surnames (the first field in the quick editor in the family tree view).  Sometimes there are at least birth years which at makes it slightly easier to tell which one is which when I'm stuck in a list view and trying to connect people up, and there is constant amusement trying to keep MacFamilyTree and the LibreOffice doc in sync (I think I need to make the website sooner rather than later as a lot of this info will eventually be up there anyway).

And then I'm ready to tackle the modelling and editing again.

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