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Drupal 7 upgrade from HELL

Posted on: Monday, 17 December 2012 @ 8:41am
Blatting about
More specifically

<p>Modded to be slightly more useful as I wrote the other one while slightly delirious.</p>

<li>upgrade to latest D6</li>
<li><code>drush arb default --destination="wherever/you/like"</code></li>
<li>mysql <code>update `system` set `status`='0' where `filename` like 'sites%'</code></li>
<li>delete 6.x, retain /files and /sites directories, remember any mods to .htaccess</li>
<li>drop in 7.0 files</li>
<li><code>drush updb</code></li>
<li>if no error, press <code>y</code></li>
<li>if error occurs, make a note of what you need to do to fix it. If this is a repeat run, fix all errors noted</li>
<li>rename/move your Drupal directory (or delete it but in the event you need it later)</li>
<li>from above where the Drupal directory should be, <code>drush arr [backup-filename-without-square-brackets].tar</code></li>
<li>repeat from 3 til everything works</li>
<li><code>drush up -y</code></li>
<li>go do all the other little bits and pieces you need to do with the theme and modules</li>

<p><span class="strong">Problems I hit</span></p>

<li>managed file duplicates:
<code>select * from `files` where `filepath` like `%string%';
delete from `files` where `fid`='number';</code>
I only had a handful to deal with at any one time so didn't mind doing them one by one, you'll probably want a script if you have a lot :)</li>
<li>comment stupidity:
<code>drop index comment_uid on comments;
drop index last_comment_uid on node_comment_statistics;</code></li>

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