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Skate ramp tests and first honey harvest

posted on: Sunday, 11 November 2012 @ 8:57pm in

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The skate ramp is skatable!

Skater almost silhouette

Okay so this is a slightly older picture but it was a good opener :P

All but one of the backs are up (the thing that will prevent skaters and skateboards from ending up in the raised bed or in the neighbour’s yard) and the whole thing is now covered in both layers of skin and has been reinforced and all those good things. Now it just needs a paint job (and I know someone who is good at painting that I would like to rope in to help).

Testing the skate ramp properly

Little Big Boy getting used to the ramp

Toddler learning how to skate the ramp

Chubby Chubba getting a skating lesson

Learning how to skate

Trying to convince the Small Girl that she doesn’t need to remain perpendicular to the ground at all times

Testing the skate ramp

Most recent JJ skating pic I have. Was struggling with the light by this point and also wanted to show off the backing that wasn’t up at the time of the first pic

JJ took some honey out of our hive this morning and gave us a frame of honeycomb before ensconcing himself in the laundry to stuff the honey into pots. The boys loved the honeycomb. 6yo loves the honey but isn’t big on the wax. Then they sugar rushed. Inside because the bees were still irritated about being raided. Loads of fun for everyone. I swear I washed 3yo’s sticky honey paws more times this morning than I have the entire previous week.

Honeycomb in frame

Fresh honeycomb!

Fresh honey in pots

Lots and lots of honey. The light coloured stuff is the wax.

Afterward we had pancakes with butter and honey. Tao had two pancakes as he usually does, both 6yo and 3yo had extra pancakes. We ran out of pancake mix so JJ ended up having a teeny tiny pancake followed by toast and honey.

Everything else around Wannabe is going reasonably well. We have about 15 chicklets currently running around. There were another three that unfortunately didn’t make it, one we lost to mites and the other two psycho broodies who were nest sharing and kept pecking them. We’ve agreed that we’re going to aim for blue barred Naked Necks, so going to do a freezer filler cull when the chicks have all grown up, and possibly in the next couple of years acquisition a barred Rock rooster and maybe a Wyandotte rooster from a friend. We also need to get more fish. JJ is thinking silver perch for summer. Most of the fruit trees are fruiting, the berry patch is flowering and the grape vine coming over the fence near the cubbyhouse has gotten long enough that I have been able to wrap it around the cubby (though I’m going to have to keep re-tying it til it stays there as some of the weaker/shorter vines keep unravelling).

Now all we have to do is clean up the construction site out front and the place will look sweet.