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Blog updates, or mile long sidebars

Posted on: Monday, 3 September 2012 @ 1:04pm
Blatting about

I can't even count in miles.

I was a touch concerned about adding anything else to the sidebar as it's already quite long.  Then I had a look at the sidebars some of my friends and other miscellaneous people have on their blogs and I don't feel too bad adding a couple of blocks.  Then of course there was a mental kerfuffle about folds and whether blocks should be above or below them.  I eventually decided to keep "About" up the top as it summarises the silly blog, and drop everything else in under it.

So the new blocks:

  1. "What are you looking for?" is a search block.  Because it's only just been turned on it hasn't indexed the site yet.  It didn't occur to me previously that people might actually want to search this particular site for anything but a reader commented that they had wanted to and couldn't due to me not having a search bar, so there is one now
  2. "Categories" looks like it's been tweaked slightly and realistically I could have just tweaked the existing block, I chose to make a completely new one.  The link text still goes to category pages, the little rss icon next to each link is a feed for that category (Drupal seems to generate feeds for almost everything which is handy), so people can finally if they so desire just subscribe to stuff they're interested in rather than receive the onslaught of miscellany I can unleash on occasion.  The post count in each category is gone partly because I couldn't rewrite the output when it was counting records and partly because there didn't seem much point in keeping track of how many posts were in each category
  3. "Got coin?" is right down the bottom under the tagcloud and it's a donation box.  I'm not exactly hard done by here so if people felt generous or wanted to chip me something because they happen to like the site or something I wrote, I would much prefer them to give whatever they would have given me to one of my favourite NFPs (or one of their own favourites) and think of me while doing so  ;) I'll happily take bitcoin or litecoin if people really want to give me something, but not non-cryptocurrency because I'm too lazy to set up the required gateways for this particular project
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