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Photos from the surprise Christmas Island visit

Posted on: Friday, 3 August 2012 @ 1:26pm
Blatting about
More specifically

Recently, in a mad jumble of chaos and confusion well coordinated and executed attack, my sister and I surprised our parents for their 60th.

I took a bunch of photos but didn't put them on my laptop due to the constant dramas I've been having downloading photos from the camera (keep losing connection, and the closer I get to finishing the import the more it breaks) and also the internet connection on Christmas Island is so agonisingly slow that photos would have taken aeons to upload anyway.  So now having gotten back to Perth and back onto my desktop, after struggling with importing 227 photos for the last two hours, I'm going to do one of those big long photo posts that is going to exasperate my sister.

Evil cheeky face toddler

Don't worry, I'm not posting all of them.

Albert the robber crab

Albert the robber crab who lives under the house came out for a quick visit.  I don't know how to take photos at night so apologies for the blurriness.

60th birthday cake

Cake made by my incredibly talented aunty (Mum's sister).  Everything but candles edible.

Family pic

It was a 60s themed party.  I didn't get/lost the memo.  Not sure who had my camera.

60th birthday food

The spread.  Tasty food was tasty.

Disco dancing, I think

Not sure but I think they were trying for a disco or something.  Looked much better in real life :) (also did I mention my inability to take photos at night?)

Chocolate cheesecake with strawberries!

Mum makes awesome desserts.  Here we have chocolate cheesecake with strawberries.  Think it was the 3rd round of dessert for the 60th birthday.

Bizarrely shaped pumpkin

Parents had a collection of 8 pumpkins on the patio.  They're all the type that are supposed to be round.  This one was not.

Lily Beach from the lookout

Lily Beach.  Wrong setting + slow lens = too dark.  Exposure adjusted in Pixelmator, avoided blowing sky away, too lazy to do more work :P


Boobies! Taken from the lookout on Lily Beach.

Looking for beach treasure

Tao searching for beach treasure

Booby bird with chick

Booby bird with chick at Margaret Knoll.

Greta Beach cave

Exploring the very shallow cave at Greta Beach.  Left the kids with the grandparents as it was quite rough.  We both got wet and neither of us were geared for swimming

Greta Beach cave access

Cave access from the inside

Looking up at the sky form in the cave

This looked much cooler than my meagre skills suggest

Decorated sand mound

The kids had fun splashing around in the water and building and decorating sand mounds with the insane amount of trash that gets washed onto this particular beach

Fossil in rock at base of stairs at Greta Beach

There was this cool looking fossil at the base of the stairs at Greta Beach.  Stairs you ask? What stairs?

These stairs.  Back in MY day we didn't have these new-fangled stair contraptions, we got down to the beach with ropes and a rickety old ladder.  I exaggerate not.

Was a bit of a fly-by disorganised surprise visit but  everything was great as per usual.  I really do enjoy being home.  Wonder if I can afford another 2 week trip this time next year to escape winter do taxes (was there at the right time to catch the accountants and it was a lot easier for Sprat and I to do our partnership and individual tax returns in one hit).

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