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Not on track. Don't panic.

Posted on: Sunday, 26 February 2012 @ 5:10pm
Blatting about

The scripts are still done (it's been months and I still haven't changed/edited).

I don't know if I'm on track to be able to start animating by the end of the year.  Just thought about the amount of work involved, there's sound and voice actors and...I have a low level panic attack happening in the back of my brain somewhere which is making me think about hyperventilating but up here on the surface I'm calm and all is well and I just keep plugging and thinking about writing reviews for Lightwave 11 (I got a free upgrade because I bought 10 a couple of months ago which I thought was very awesome of NewTek) and gIMP.

I have to upgrade all my sites today, again.  At least I know they're going to stay upgraded this time as the problems I had before have been solved.  I'm writing a bek-spec (kind of like a tech spec except I don't know how many people other than myself would understand it and it's probably missing a hundred billion things proper tech specs have) for Red Planet.  A little bit more motivated now that I have money to pay a friend to sort out some db issues for me (they're not really problems, just something I don't know how to do which is blocking work on it).  I'm bumping the "people near you" feature to the top of WANLN's list as the most common question I've been seeing on the forum (unsurprisingly) is "is there anyone else [in|around this area]?" Shortly after that I need to work out how to do subaccounts so that I can do everything else.  Most of the work hinges on subaccounts.

The work that I'm prancing off to an office once a week for supposedly winds up in the middle of the year, after that if anything I may be poking my head in to make sure it continues looking like how it's supposed to look all the way to the final version and then my job is probably done.  I've got work lined up after (which is also happening simultaneously), one client on Christmas Island and helping a friend I made out of this big job with some nitpicky stuff.  Everything mostly good on that front.  Less good is domain malarky now (because it's never ending with me).  Domain provider I got transferred to after my last one got hacked and then sold out (conspiracy theories!) I had a lot of trouble with their console.  Customer support was great at helping me out but in the meantime I got so frustrated I'm transferring domain host.  Two of the domains have transferred, waiting on the others.

Everything is fine.

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