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Photos. Lots of them.

posted on: Wednesday, 16 November 2011 @ 12:00am in

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Not quite intelligent enough for a coherent post, so have lots of captioned photos instead.

kids storyboarding on a storyboard template

Homeschooling art and English: storyboarding with Mummy (who was working on AR storyboards)

4yo gets 3 birthday celebrations for her half-decade; one with us, one with JJ’s side, one on Christmas Island when we get there

Little big boy caring for a Japanese bantam chick

6yo and ‘Stumpy’, a short-legged Japanese bantam cross chicklet who is no longer with us

Brooders and chick raiser boxes

Coop was getting overcrowded with broody hens, so we got a packing crate and a dog kennel for brooding and chick raising

Japanese bantam cross with three chicks

Daenerys (Japanese bantam cross) with three of her four chicks (out of a clutch of 5)

Japanese bantam cross chick amongst pumpkin plants

Daenerys’ 4th chick. All the chicks get into the vege patches regularly.

White aracauna with black and yellow chick

Henny Penny (Aracauna, aka Fricking Psycho) with her single chick

black splashed white Pekin bantam with chick

Chess (Pekin bantam) with her single chick

Black splashed white Aracauna with five chicks

Ella (Aracauna) with 4 of her 5 chicks (out of a clutch of 6)

Tomato infestation in one of the vege patches

Tomato infestation!

Tomato plants staked up

Tomato infestation tamed. Pumpkins still crazy and jumping the fences

onion flowers

Onion flowers are cool

Banana tree

We bought a banana tree. It’s turning into a banana grove. And was half that size when we got it earlier in the year


Last season there was one single solitary mulberry. Now there are many.

Apple blossom

Apple blossom

Nectarine tree, rosemary, orange tree

Rosemary is getting big. Nectarine tree fruiting

Tiny little orange

Orangelet on the new orange tree

A mighty neighbourly grapevine

A mighty neighbourly grapevine. We’re making a frame for it.

toddler next to geranium type plant

Highly photogenic toddler. I am completely unbiased ;)


Year before last, we got one single solitary mango. This year, it looked like three (from this photo). More recently, it seems like there may be 10+.

green lemon

I don’t usually go too far past the front raised beds, so didn’t notice the lemon tree was finally fruiting

Many zucchini

Zucchini. Lots of.