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Insects and a gappy boy

posted on: Friday, 18 November 2011 @ 12:00am in

It’s all happening. The garden is going nuts, we’re going to go through a stage of not having to buy so many veges, and we’re turning into those old people that like pottering around their gardens (though I don’t do much of any garden work as I seem to have a knack for killing plants).

This morning, as we were going around to see how the garden was going (the zuchinni is huge, all zuchinni plants have gotten bigger since the last post), when we encountered this fellow practising kung fu on a mulberry leaf:

Praying mantis doing kung fu

Mantis kung fu!

I struck the human equivalent when I saw it, but wasn’t going to let JJ take a photo as I’d be all sorts of wrong seeing as I’m rusty as hell.

The bees were bee-ing and the onion flowers had opened up. JJ got a pretty cool shot of one of the bees crawling over one of the onion flowers.

Bee on an onion flower

Bee on an onion flower

The gappy boy lost another tooth last night.

Gap toothed grin

Gap toothed grin!

He added it to his tooth jar, and is feeling very pleased with himself and all growing up and stuff.