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The Mythical Farm of Legend

Posted on: Monday, 26 September 2011 @ 11:56pm
Blatting about

Since I first got together with Josh, I have heard stories of the farm which has been in his family for generations (or at least, his grandparents ran it, and it's now owned and operated by his uncles and their family).  It has a name but is just referred to "The Farm".

For the last seven years, Josh has told me he will take me to "The Farm".  For various reasons, we never quite got there.

Recently, I found out that the place isn't a collective hallucination.

Farm house roof, house hidden by trees

There is a house in those trees.  It's a bit of a dark splodge in the photo.  On the other side of the tree to the right of the white thing.

The farm is a decent size, and got some pretty scenery.  I couldn't piece a decent writeup together (and the farm visit was a couple of weeks ago now), so have a bunch of photos.

Dog in a tree

Hondo the resident sheepdog of questionable sanity

Machine shed

Off to check out the farm equipment

Farm equipment is kinda big

The farm equipment is kind of big.

Alien farm equipment!

Some of it was possibly inspired by alien technology

Toddler with face pressed up against the rear glass window of a car

Going for a ride in the ute, toddler squishing face against window

Some running gunning shots from the back of the ute.

Big boy in the front seat

Big boy enjoying the novelty of riding shotgun

Dog doing the windblown thing in the back of the ute

My ute tray companion

Fields of

Fields of

Windmill beside a salt lake

Would have liked the windmill to be higher, but when we got closer, the angle was wrong

Bizarro alien vegetation

I love my weird country and its weird vegetation

Brief stoppage to look at stuff.

Many colourful tiny flowers

Sometimes the red sands explode with colour.

Weird little red land anemone type plant

Weird little red land anemone.  Should find out what it is.  And should have cropped this.


Spider on the fence.  Manual focus fail.

The other ute and the other running gunner

Josh taking a photo of me taking a photo of him taking a photo of...

Pink salt lake

Pink lake is pink.

Old eagle's nest

Old abandoned eagle's nest

Back on the road.

Hooning along a dirt road

Hooning along a dirt road

Bobtail lizard

Bobtail running away after challenging the ute

And another stop.

Purple star shaped flowers

Fringed lily twiner (Thysanotus R.Br.) - thanks for the common name Kimba :)

Orange water drop shaped flowers

They're pretty.  I'm not much of a plant person.

Pink brain flowers

Brain flowers!


Random shot of the bush that didn't turn out terrible

Quandong tree

Quandong tree!

Quandong fruit

Quandongs are tasty like lemons

Yellow grevillea

Yellow grevillea thing across the road from the quandong tree

And lastly some cool rocks we passed on the way to The Farm that we would have stopped to take photos of if we weren't supposed to be meeting people at a certain place by a certain time.  So we took some on the way back.

Rock "grove"

Big rock slabs

Log "arch" or bridge

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kimba Tuesday, 27 September 2011 @ 5:45pm [Permalink]
The purple flower is called "fringed lily twiner".There's a "The Farm" in my family too, family farms are great :)
bek Tuesday, 27 September 2011 @ 11:20pm [Permalink]
mummabare Friday, 21 October 2011 @ 10:23pm [Permalink]
we also have "the farm" in our family too ;) ours is in Toodyay...and I really should go out there more often!
bek Friday, 21 October 2011 @ 10:48pm [Permalink]
mummabare Saturday, 22 October 2011 @ 10:37am [Permalink]
We lived in Moora for 12 months, I loved it. Toodyay is definately closer, less then an hour, and there is a train you could catch from Toodyay to Perth, which makes it more convenient. My nans farm is 20 minutes out of Toodyay, they don't grow anything tho, a couple of chickens, a few sheep and a couple of cows now and then. Its very pretty out there tho, I do like toodyay and thought about moving there, but not really liking the estate thing that going on in town. Its very perth suburbish now.

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