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You're doing it wrong

posted on: Monday, 22 August 2011 @ 2:30pm in

Here was supposed to be yet another whingepost about how I’m doing everything wrong and there is now nothing that I “can” drop. So I’m going to see if I can somehow write myself into doing “it” right.

The computer room is a f***ing mess

There is more crap than there should be on the desk. Most of it is paper that needs to be filed or recycled, and I have just been too damn lazy to process them into the appropriate location.

It needs to be cleaned up, if just so I can find the stuff that usually lives on my desk (phone, wallet, Lightwave dongle) easier and the cables are slightly less likely to get tangled.

There’s not a lot to do, just need to do it. So of course I keep procrastinating by checking to see if anything exciting is happening at G+ or Diaspora (there isn’t because I haven’t gotten around to finding interesting people to “follow” and not many of my friends are that interested in Yet Another Social Network, and I’m seriously contemplating deleting fb).

The computer is a f***ing mess

In trying to set up a workable development environment for the work project, I have managed to end up with three instances of Apache, possibly two instances of MySQL, three instances of php, and I think two, possibly three instances of Postgresql.

I blame MAMP and MacPorts.

I’m currently working on files on my local and connecting to the remote servers so I am fairly confident that I can clean up the system without destroying anything critical. I’ll commit the stuff that needs committing and check out the lot back into the /Sites directory after I’ve slaughtered MAMP.

I’m going to delete MAMP and MacPorts which should get rid of most of my problems. I hope. I may have to check for rogue things around the place.

Once it’s cleared up I’m thinking about investigating MariaDB, working out if I have Ruby installed, updating it if I do, downloading if I don’t, and seeing if I can convince Netbeans to work with it. If all goes well, I will think about hacking at Diaspora and making a pod. Be a good excuse to learn Ruby which looks fairly straightforward.

The pro bonos are a f***ing mess

technonaturalist (which isn’t technically a pro bono coz it’s mine but anyway)

Well…I’m working on this one almost as I type (obviously I can’t work on it as I type because I can only type on one thing at a time). The page.tpl wasn’t too terrible, my css was a bit spaghetti (and all in one file which the info architect doesn’t like ;). I will have to at some stage go and fix up my Views, I let it set its own classes and managed to forget that it sets classes on every single thing it generates. So even though my page.tpl code is partway decent the generated source is a snarl.

Then after I’ve cleaned up Views I’ll have to see what css I broke.

My cleaned up css works on my tablet without breaking too so I won’t have to make a separate tablet theme like I thought I might need to. I should really check how it fares on the netbook (1024x7nn) but it’s XP and XP seems to break everything because it’s XP.

Red Planet

About now was probably the earliest I would have thought about tackling the upgrade anyway. And a code rewrite. My code is terrible. I also really, really, REALLY need to do a dark on light theme for those people that are struggling with the light on dark. I also really, really, REALLY need to fix up annoying little theming issues that have been bugging me forever.

First thing that needs to be done is an in-depth module and functionality review and then finding D7 updates or equivalents for the current D6 ones, and then seeing how I go with an upgrade. I’m most worried about the CCK stuff, and I haven’t finished converting the fanart yet (damn having to do it manually because my piss poor lack of sql knowledge meant all my scripts blew up). Though really the biggest concern there is attaching images with the people who made them.


It’s grossly incomplete. There’s so much more work that needs to be done on it. The forum and events are operational at least, and don’t look terribly ugly. There’s a few little nitpicky things like making pretty buttons and menu icons, otherwise it’s just straight get stuff done. I recall glorified blogs, family relationships, different account types based on whether it’s a parent or a child, though I need to investigate something that will allow a parent to be able to control/monitor their child’s account but not vice versa. I also need to go back and read the spec I wrote myself, it’s been that long I’ve forgotten a chunk of what was going on with it.

…and the other stuff


I’m feeling my usual AAARGH I’M NOT DOING ENOUGH! especially when I get caught up in something else (slightly obsessive nature, if I get caught up in something I get caught up in it). Talking about homeschooling with an Auskick mum who doesn’t know anyone else that homeschools was helpful in realising how much we do get done (as far as “done” goes).

We have been a bit slack as far as going out goes, a lot of that to do with me being a complete disorganised wreck and the fact that I’m really quite pathetic when it comes to the cold, I’m very reluctant to go out anywhere that isn’t warm.


The scripts are flowing nicely when I can work out what I’m writing, and they’re such an improvement on the previous version. Months later it looks like the first 2-3 eps are finally definitely stable (the only changes I’ve made are spelling corrections!). On the 3d front I haven’t made any progress whatsoever with AR-specific models, but have made what are significant advancements for me on the rigging front with a rather epic rig test on my 3d avatar which is of course developing its own storyline because I’m weird like that. I have more studying and practice of face morphs and textures and hair and other such things and many notes to write and some corrections to apply to the base models before I resume tackling AR models.

I want to do more on this but I think logically I need to get the sites to a state of maintenance that I’m happy with before I tackle this head on as this is more intense.

I just realised I always feel guilty about working on AR at all because it’s so time consuming and intense (and the most likely to trigger obsessive states). I think I can “do it right” if I “procrastinate” on AR instead of social networks.

I like that idea. I’m going with that.