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Back to the house on the cliff

Posted on: Sunday, 3 July 2011 @ 11:34am
Blatting about

The vege garden was a freaking mess.  I noticed it when we arrived at the house.  We hadn't needed the excessive driveway down the side so had converted it into a slightly wider than driveway half acre long vege strip.  And there were weeds and elephant ear ferns growing all through it.

I informed Josh that I was going to get rid of the weeds.  I intended my gloves into existance (I didn't go get them, they just appeared in my hands and I put them on) and got to work.  A few weeds later the patch was not only clear, it was also thriving with many veges not far off harvest.

[as I was relating this dream to Josh, he said if that worked in real life he would have me out in the vege patch weeding right now]

The middle storey of the house was its usual labyrinth of corridors but I got to the cliff-side living area with no dramas (and avoided Middle Floor Terrifying Rooms) where I found my dad redecorating.  I don't know why Dad was redecorating.  He was showing me where he was setting things up and I put in helpful hints such as that candelabra might be too big to go on the coffee table and the setup with the coconut shell light and the Buddha in the corner looked pretty cool.

Moving out outside to the balcony/patio/thing, I observed that the major construction work that had been going on last time I was here was complete.  I'm not entirely certain what they did.  I walked down into the lower portion amd out into the backyard where my family (and some people I didn't know were gathered for a barbeque.

Uncle Mike pulled out this rather small, flat fish (that looked similar to this one but darker) and was waving it around while chatting.  It was supposed to be an offering or sacrifice or something to that effect, it was about the right size for a meal for one person but not nearly big enough for the size of the gathering that we had.  Amidst jokes and exclamations to "just cut it", I glanced up to the patio to see four people who had been judging proceedings stand up and descend the stairs in a neat formal line to join us for the feast.  They were Masterchef judges though you won't actually see them on Masterchef).

The fish eventually got cut and then I got given two handfuls of entrails to get rid of.  I was heading to the stairs on the cliff when I paused and asked if the fish could eat the cow guts (just don't ask).  The response was an affirmative, so I continued on to the stairs, descended the stairs down the cliff to the concrete platform at the bottom which was only slightly covered with a millimetre or so of seawater, and threw in the entrails one by one.  I could see some big parrotfish swimming around down there and they headed in the direction of the splashes as I tossed out the entrails over a large area so more fish would have a chance at feeding.  As I was observing the fish coming in to eat I decided to move up the stairs a little for a better view.  Turned around and climbed up the stairs, partway up I stopped and turned back.

There was a parrotfish at each set of guts and the smaller fish were moving in.  Also approaching from somewhere across the water or at least from the beach (I didn't know the beach was there, though I'm starting to suspect that the house may actually be Tai Jin House in DreamScape) were three or four unicorns, prancing their hooves rapidly as they moved across the top of the water, who started grazing on the fish guts that hadn't sunk and the hapless fish that came too close to the surface.

On the way back up to the house I bumped into a small group of travellers who were looking for new songs.  As it turned out I happened to have some on a slate type device I didn't realise I was carrying, and gave them some.  They also wanted songs I had made up, but I didn't have any, just ones that other people had made.  I gave them what I had and we went on our way.

Suddenly I heading down the road and bumped into Jakie.  We got to talking as you do, and I mentioned I was on the way to her uncle's place [I don't actually know any of her family in real life, hell most of our socialisation is done on Farcebook].  She asked if I would mind dropping off a package on the way, I said no that was fine.  She then decided to tag along.  I observed that the package was addressed to "Spiderman" and as we were walking I asked where the package was supposed to be delivered to as it wasn't for her uncle.  She pointed out the back of a building.  We rounded the corner and came across a Caltex.  Just inside a large open doorway stood a very well toned young man wearing pants but no shirt, and with a rather lost expression.  I zoomed in on him [didn't realise I had cybereyes!] but only waited for the image to resolve to only slightly blurry before switching back to normal vision and commenting "Well, he sure as hell ain't Spiderman."

Then, quite randomly, the guy's pants dropped, and he didn't have any bits.  As it turned out, the package we were delivering contained fake male genitals.  Of course.

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