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ryivhnn v2

Posted on: Saturday, 21 May 2011 @ 11:08am
Blatting about
More specifically

ryivhnn v2 with better results from the skin shader

Rapture and armageddon and all that are upon us, and as per usual Josh has taken the kids to Tao's Auskick game and I stayed home, trained the dogs (could have gone for another 5mins on top of what I did do but I got defeated by the cold) and ripped through an Anki session with a Lojban gismu deck.  We know we're not going anywhere.

With the few precious moments of time alone, I then plugged into Lightwave for more practise on avatars before tackling AEfter Ragnarok characters.

I rebooted 3d-me, as I initially started 3d-me with an older version of Base.  Made a few modifications now that I know how to use Edge tools.  Used the fast and simple skin shaders that come with Lightwave 9.6.  A decent nose and skin shaders that work properly (or perhaps it was just my stupidity being unable to wrangle the node editor properly) makes a bit of a difference.

I do need to add a bit more texture, am not so smooth.

I'm missing an eyebrow ridge and associated eyebrows and my mohawk, which I'm working on nowish.

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