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Marriage equality

posted on: Wednesday, 27 April 2011 @ 4:56pm in

I got Yet Another Email urging people “fighting” for marriage equality to inundate politicians with messages of support for same sex marriage.

I fail at comprehending why this is an issue.

We are in a country that supposedly has a secular government, supposedly is big on giving a “fair go”, supposedly tolerant of all “race, colour and creed”. It’s also supposedly progressive thinking.

What we appear to have is a government that rolls over when religious groups and big businesses cry, throws money at people who want it and ignore the ones that need it, is cited globally as being racist, and cannot accept the fact that sometimes boys fall in love with boys and girls fall in love with girls.

Simple fact of the matter is, same sex couples being “allowed” to get married means that same sex couples get married, and get a bunch of rights and privileges everyone else takes for granted. There would be chaos and bloodshed if it was decreed that religious leaders can no longer count as marriage celebrants because they’re religious and the government is secular, and to count legally all marriage celebrants have to be secular and sanctioned by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. And yet obviously some people seem to think that intolerance is okay as long as it favours them. Do some of that tolerance stuff, especially if you’re claiming to be from a religion that preaches tolerance til blue.

If any major party had anything resembling a metaphorical spine in their metaphysical bodies, and just went ahead and amended the law so same sex couples could get married, same-sex couples would get married. That. Is. All.

Amend the fucking law already. This is stupid.