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Good day, "bad" day

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 February 2011 @ 11:00pm

Yesterday was an awesome day.  To counter, I had a rather average day.  Compared to yesterday it was bad, but seriously in the grand scheme of things, it could have been a lot worse.

Good day

I went to bed at a reasonable time the night before.  Slept in a little bit, woke up chirpy, had breakfast and did the usual morning computery stuff.  The kids woke up all in a good mood, breastfed the two small ones, gave everyone breakfast, and had plenty of time to hang out the laundry and get lunch ready for homeschool group.  We got there not quite as late as we usually do and I was feeling glad that I had opted to go instead of staying home to do the laundry as I had originally planned as EVERYONE was there.

And a canoe.  Beautiful craft, made of wood, built by a friend of one of the dads in the group I believe, I didn't catch the whole story.  Two of the present dads took turns paddling kids up and down between the jetty and the boat ramp.

And I didn't get photos because I was too busy preventing Cub from following his siblings down to it.  He cracked it.  Tao and Ru went for a ride.  Tao went for several.

Eventually the oldest kid in the group took over the rowing of the canoe, and the ferrying of boatloads of smaller children.  Tao took over an oar and learned to row.  Later after getting off so other kids could have a go he requested a turn on a kayak one of the other kids was borrowing.  It's a one person kayak but they're tiny, so he took Ru and then another friend for a spin.

Didn't even need to be taught how to row or steer ;)

Leaving was a bit of a mission as they were having so much fun.  I didn't get quite stressed enough to abandon the plan of ice cream after so we went to Baskin & Robbins on South Street.  I am never buying the toddler ice cream in a cone for at least the next two years.  Considering he's #3 you'd think I'd know better really.  No photos, too busy trying to prevent him from getting ice cream everywhere.

Got home, baby didn't want to sleep so I left them playing outside/drawing/watching tv and got to work.  Josh came home, I took Tali to the park to do some training as he has been ignoring me lately.  As it turns out I need to work on him with distractions, he was near perfect one on one.  I would like him to recall immediately though, not when he decides he's finished sniffing something/one.  He's at that stage where he seems to be just getting things now though which is great.

Josh took Rar out as I had to feed Cub when I got home.  We had cream based pasta for dinner.  Kids went down early and I had a few hiccups with work afterward but nothing too dramatic.  About the only really "bad" thing was saying up a bit too late trying to solve a problem but I didn't go to bed too late.

"Bad" day

To make up for the awesome day yesterday, today was annoying.  I'd planned to head to Wooldridges to buy science glassware and workbooks.

Ru wet the bed which got me out of bed.  I made us eggs for breakfast.  Cub also managed to wet through his nappy and wet the bed.  From the moment Cub woke he was crank and whining.  When Tao eventually roused I was feeling extremely stressed already as we couldn't go 10mins without someone cracking it.  Got the kids ready to go out and remembered I needed to hang the laundry out as every single nappy we owned was on the line.  Put Cub in training undies, noted there was one single solitary disposable that had been hiding out in one of my other bags left, and off we went. 

We got workbooks and stationary but no glass.  No big deal.  As we were leaving Cub dropped a huge, stinky load.  I managed to clean him up just before running out of wipes.

I'd found out the Canning District Education Office is next door to Carousel, so decided to swing by there and drop off form and copy of Tao's birth certificate (bringing along the original so they had something to sight if they needed to) and then head to Caro to do the grocery shopping.  As expected, I got lost on the way despite knowing roughly where it was, as roadworks in the area foibled me.  Still I wound my way there around the block.  The homeschool coordinator was out to lunch as it was lunchtime when we got there, but the form was handed in with no dramas to the lovely receptionist, and we then shot down the road to Carousel.

I got a park under a tree!

Ruan wanted chips.  Got a box from Jester's (and I had a Popeye, they're lucky their meat free options are tasty and that I don't eat out much or I'd complain).  Tao wanted sushi, so we went to the sushi place in the food court.  He wanted the big box of bite sized sushi.  I didn't think he'd finish it but bought it for him anyway.  He proved me wrong.  Ru finished her box of chips.  Both had shared a bit with their baby brother.  Both claimed they were still hungry.

I told them to talk o me about that in 5mins and we headed to Darrel Lea.  I bought the usual, bag of licorice, large "Rocklea" Road, and the kids each had a chocolate heart.

The manager gave us sample chocolate :)

Went through Woolies seeing as I parked on that side for a change.  Think I need to do Woolies more often as they had offal and Whittaker's.  Tao and Ru were starting to get really annying behaviour-wise. 

I bought lots of ice cream!

Ru needed to go to the toilet at the checkout. We spent way too long in there (Cub got snitty and Tao went in and out twice while we were waiting for Ru), then went back out to the bakery.  Bought bread and got a free loaf as I had enough stamps on the loyalty card for a freebie.

Car stank from Cub's earlier effort.

Dragged us home, collected 5 eggs (Billie and AntiCrow seem to be laying daily now) and then had Cub screeching at me the entire time I was putting stuff away.  Sir had been tired all day and went down easily.  Tried to get to work, didn't get a lot done before Josh got home.  We shot off to Kristi's to pick up milk and see how young DJ was going as the poor little bugger is sick.  Tao was unhappy at not getting to stay long and cracked it.  Got home and I tried to go back to work in between doing other things that needed to be done.  Josh and Tao were yelling at each other, and then Tao started screaming angrily.  Walked out to find Tao had taken a swing at Josh with a shovel and Josh had confiscated it rather roughly, resulting in Tao getting flung to the ground as he'd refused to let go, and skinning his knee.  Popped both kids in the bath with Tao being cranky the whole way through and us taking turns yelling at him.

Bedtime was an epic fail as we initially tried to enforce GO TO BED! so we wouldn't kill them.

Josh eventually went and watched a cooking show with very sleepy Cub on his lap and I went back to my laptop.  Tao and Ru played wonderfully together, building stuff out of Duplo.

Finally managed to get Cub down, Ru has fallen asleep and Tao eventually went to bed.  I have more work I want to get done if I can so I don't have to leak into tomorrow.  I have copious amounts of chocolate.  I will not have too much as I don't want to sleep too late. But it makes everything better ;)

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