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Organisational skills? What organisational skills?

Posted on: Friday, 28 January 2011 @ 12:57am

What's been happening at Wannabe Farmstead? Feels like a lot.  I was out with the dogs at the oval when it occurred to me:

  • I can sort out and adjust training "schedules" in my head fast from observing the dogs while working with them
  • I can work out learning styles and interests of the kids from observation and interaction and work out where to go and things to do that they might find interesting
  • I can work around family stuff with minimal dramas
  • I can do things for clients on time (provided they get me what I need when I say I need it by)
  • I cannot organise my own way out of a paper bag

I should probably do something about that last point.

So, what's going on.

Dog training

Dogs playing at the dog beach part of South Beach

Yesterday's session was great.  I didn't have my training partner with me so couldn't do any tracking.  What seems to work best is when we first get to where we're going, letting the dogs have 5-10mins to run around and sniff everything and claim trees and play with each other, and when they've run a bit of excess energy off to commence with whatever training we're doing.  After the runaround, we got stuck into some basic training.  What was great was having two very attentive dogs doing what they were supposed to be doing most of the time! I think I may teach them some other stuff.  Just need to work out what.

I learned from that session though that if I've taken both dogs with me, I need to work individually with Tali first, then do group, then work with Rar.  Even though he can be incredibly single minded to the point of not hearing anything outside of whatever he wants to do, Rar has a big attention span when you get his attention.  Tali is a puppy and is getting better but his is still pretty short for the moment.


We took the kids to see "The Gypsy Circus" on Australia Day.  All three of them thoroughly enjoyed it.  It got Tao interested in specifically circus classes.  All three kids really enjoyed Rainbow Gym when we were going, but unfortunately had to stop as it was on my full work day.  Seeing when Rainbow Gym is on this term and if the days don't work out again I'll look into circus classes.

My little artist who got into painting in a big way at 2 is still into painting in a big way.  Her latest endeavour was an attempt to make a layered textured painting using an insane amount of two colours (green and black).  It didn't work too well as it was poster paint; water based and very thin.  I think at this stage getting her a decent easel and a larger variety of art supplies is probably justifiable.

On the subject of making things, Ruan's current favourite show, which is also a big hit with Tao, is "Mister Maker".  They've been taking ideas from the show and making a godawful mess doing some of the projects as well as developing their own art and craft ideas.

I also finally remembered to call in to the District Education Office to register for homeschooling.  If I paid more than cursory attention to school terms it would be right on time, I think school is supposed to be going back in sometime over the next few weeks.  The homeschool admin person I talked to was an unbelievably lovely person, and I was assured by both her and a fellow homeschooling mum that the moderators in this district are great. Nice to know.

I rang about Auskick as I can't reregister onine due to not remembering if we got a number or not, but the coordinator was unavailable.  Need to ring about dance classes for Ru, apparently she wants to try again.

Also found an interesting looking Tai Chi school in Maddington that I want to check out, and some nearby Yau Hawk Tao and Wing Chun classes.  Whatever looks good and is most family friendly wins.  Once I get around to ringing them.


  • launched Poultry in Motion (Josh's chickenblog, some cosmetic work to do)
  • launched Western Australian Natural Learning Network(group for unschoolers/natural learners in Perth, formerly known as Perth Natural Learning Network, site is in alpha, only the forums work properly, all nodes and comments require theming, they are currently fugly)
  • finishing popcon and a map for Christmas Island Tourism Association for their kiosk, then need to work out and write up a tutorial for Sprat to be able to upgrade and install it on their server
  • upgrading Indian Ocean Group Training Association and then reuploading it back to the closed space so they can see how the sample course looks, otherwise still waiting on content
  • trying to work out which server is causing the server to "take too long to respond" for the school website so I can fix it if it's my end.  Then it needs upgrading.
  • need to do a shiteload of work on Red Planet, starting with module review


Nimbus is trying to go broody.  She was sitting on six eggs for a couple of days, but one of them got broken somehow.  I collected the other 5 and moved the box onto the ground, then changed the straw.  Josh has contacted some guy off ChookNet about getting some fertile eggs but if she goes broody and stays broody and we can't work out a way to get the eggs on time we'll hatch another clutch.  Going to go buy some plastic eggs at some point.  We had some counting eggs around the place that would have done just fine if we could find any matching halves at all.

Chickens up the wazoo!

...and me

Somehow in all that I've managed to screw up my sleeping pattern.  I am a lot more productive going to bed at like 10:30-11pm and waking up at 6am, but the last few weeks have been on the kind where at the end of the day I'm that desperate to have some time to myself, do something I want to do or just need to work as my work days get impinged on by "emergencies" or things that need doing right there and then and there's no one else to do them, I end up staying up really late and being cranky and blah the next day.

I've been intending to reset every night for the last week, and have failed yet again seeing as it's nearly 1am.   Really need to reset tomorrow.  Work the full day, go to bed early and spend the weekend cleaning and relaxing and do more work on AR.

Had everything working out for a little while, reckon I can do it again.

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