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Starting over

Posted on: Friday, 17 December 2010 @ 10:41pm
Blatting about

So.  the provider I'm using for my reseller account got itself taken out by a zero day exploit, which apparently wiped out their main drive and most of their backup drive.

My possibly incorrect interpretation of the email they sent out suggests that the attack was just on the one server.  I'm wondering if they were silly enough to have the backup drive in the same machine or if they were just unlucky enough to have triggered the attack or had it running while doing a backup.

I'm slightly peeved that I was in the week or so leading up that I was unable to log in and when I was, unable to hold a connection long enough to download the databases for Red Planet and this site.  Red Planet lost 6 months worth of content and users and this site was just gone.  I only lost three decent posts but they were about Ruan's 4th birhday and getting Tali so I was more than a little irritated.  I probably should have done them on my local copy before putting them on the live site but the local has more chance of being destroyed seeing as I experiment quite heavily with it.  On the bright side, they managed to restore all the paid sites and the business site.

By the time this is readable we will have moved provider, as I had been planning on moving to something more capable of running Drupal sites anyway.  Bit unfortunate this had to happen first.

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