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Posted on: Saturday, 9 October 2010 @ 10:53pm
Blatting about

I survived the alpha iterations! Learned a bit but didn't end up helping much (or at all really) aside from something like a bug report and confirming a UX issue.  So now we're sitting on beta1 and I feel slightly more confident putting stuff here as from memory the betas are upgradeable.  Alphas are not.

I remembered to export my Views this time so didn't have to completely redo them :) I've left out the links view though as I'm formulating a better idea on how to do that page, the feed and the bekposts though were a bit of naffing around and twice over was enough.  I'm slightly miffed that Zemanta isn't picking up the editor but I'm currently not sure if that's the fault of D7, or some component of the editor (it's Wysiwyg with TinyMCE).  Somehing there has changed as it works fine with D6.  Hoping that they'll upgrade Zemanta and it will miraculously fix everything.

I'm quite enamoured of D7, but I've been loving Drupal more and more with each version.

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