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Posted on: Friday, 23 April 2010 @ 1:47am

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Yep, I've taken it over.  And it will be around until I've managed to kick my sister into designing mine so I can build it...and found a way to copy al the entries over.  I need to deal with having been a self righteous twat at one stage, life development! Though honestly I doubt much has changed despite my best efforts.

The kids have been on "school holidays" not because we do much that resembles school but because I've been fighting with IE problems.  If you are using IE and you have a relatively modern computer, for the love of all that exists get Firefox or Chrome.  Teh interwebz will look so much  better.  Unless the designer/developer was actually a no-talent hack, if you're using Internet Explorer there's a higher chance that your browser is rendering the page slowly and wrongly, not that the site looks bad.

Here is a chart illustrating just how crap IE is.

Stop using it.

It makes web developers miserable.  And I otherwise love cutting code.

I recently got some spam from a Liberal senator about the wonderfully hot topic of refugees/asylum seekers.  I've written an email to her and then will edit it to post here after I've caught up on some sleep.  If I get tripped over by anti-boat people people, I hope they have actual interesting information/anecdotes/stats to share coz I am seriously bored shitless of angry flaming namecalling and general talking out arses.

Anyway, the babies. I've been "benignly neglecting" them.  They went outside the other day.  My own dear loving husband told me I should never let the baby outside because doing so without me hovering over him was neglectful.  So I haven't been, except for the other day where Tao and Ruan took him out with them.  I poked my head out and they were playing around the cubby.  I went out the back to do the laundry shuffle and occasionally glanced down either side of the house.  At all times at least one of the older two was "watching" Cub the same way I watch them, which is to say they were aware of where he was.

Ruan eventually came down the side of the house, calling for her little brother to follow her and pausing and looking back to make sure he was keeping up.  She was carrying some of those yellow flowers that grow as weeds, he was following her with a handful of grass.  Not long after Tao came belting round the corner at high speed, skilfully avoiding both of them.

i'm glad they're imaginative and independant.  I like to think I had a hand in that by not having a hand in that.  How's that for a paradox.

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