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Statues in Kenya

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 December 2008 @ 4:50pm
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[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Today Tao was spinning a tale about a house a bit bigger than ours with olts of people.  Then he starrted talking about golden statues.  I asked him where, he said "somewhere else".  I said somewhere could be anywhere, could he be more specific?

He said he thinks Kenya.  Then asked me where Kenya was.

I said Kenya was in Africa.

He asked if we were in Africa.  I said no, we're in Australia, but I can show him where Africa is on the map if that would help.  He thought it would, so up came Google Maps, showed him Australia, and said see here's Western Australia, and the red dot is Perth, which is where we live.  No, he says, we live in Gosnells.


Well yes, we do, but Gosnells is in Perth.  Okay technically if you count them as separate but neighbouring cities, then Gosnells is near Perth (seeing as it is the City of Perth and the City of Gosnells), though if you count Gosnells as a suburb of Perth then it's in Perth, and it's all very confusing.


I showed him Africa.  The entire continent is Africa, and this shape here is Kenya.  What the red dot? No, that's Nairobi, that's the capital city of Kenya.  Kenya is this shape inside the country of Africa.

I don't know how much he eventually got out of that.

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