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Posted on: Thursday, 3 April 2008 @ 2:08pm
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[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Had playgroup today.  It'ws one of those nic days, warm in the sun but not hot, cool in the shade but not freezing.  It was particularly nice today as Tao had great fun playing with his friends, there are four of them including Tao around the same age (3-5) and for almost the entire time they were playing together, who knows what but pirates and dinosaurs and sticks were involved.  The boys went up with Kirsty at some stage and played around the memorial pond and the rest of us were watching from the usual spot and thinking how adorable they were and it all was.  I'm wondering if the other mums were thinking the same thing I was, like this was the way it should be with the kids having fun playing together as they were.

Tao loves the playgroup get togethers and they always wear him out, and is always looking forward to playing with his friends every week.  We're kind of building up friendships and stuff within the group too which is great, having fun hanging out and chatting.  One of the mums was saying how her boy who was happily running around with Tao and the other kids, would be at kindy or pre primary this year and he would probably lack that loving relationship he currently has with his yearling brother.

Everyone was saying something to the effect of how days like this it just helped affirm the decision to homeschool.

The other night we were bagging coins to take to the bank and while Ruan was having great fun trying to scatter our piles when she wasn't helping to bag things.  Tao was getting a very quick and dirty lesson on monetary values, and how to make piles equalling different values.  I don't know if he understood that twenty 50c pieces make $10 but he did work out how to make one pile as high as the other one as he helped to count out the 50c coins.

Occasionally I have a freakout when the kids decide to show massive leaps in brain development along the lines of "yeesh how the hell am I going to keep up with them" and then realising that if I have to run to keep up a teacher who has to mind 40 other kids as well will have no hope in hell.  That and we're saving on school fees which is great seeing as we are in the process of trying to buy a block.  Works for us and we're all happy :)

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