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"Sky fi"

Posted on: Thursday, 28 February 2008 @ 6:34pm
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[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Recently Josh had the SciFi channel on Foxtel.  I can't remember now what it was we were watching on the SciFi channel, but Tao looked at it, then looked at us and said quite confidently "Dat's sky fi."

Sky fi.

Most of the words he's looked at to date have a hard "c" sound and neither of us have ever referred to it with that particular pronounciation.  I have occasionally called it "sci fee" as it's not "science fike-shun".

He also correctly identified the number "3" when we went out for lunch and got given one of those number things after you order but that's starting to become more of a regular occurrence, as is identifying individual letters.

What are we doing? Reading books and signs to him.  Nothing more.

Also, for both kids, when walking through shops and they want to stop on a ride or something, I will usually let them have to the count of 10 and then they get off.  Ta understands how it works and is very cooperative.  The first few times with Ru predictably resulted in tears and tantrums as she didn't want to get off whatever it was she was playing with usually.

The same day that Tao read out the number "3" accurately when we went out for lunch, I had to take Ruan to the toilet and upon finding it too late, changed her nappy.  While I was packing up, she jumped into the "big red car" that was in the change room.  I was about to automatically snatch her out and walk out when remembering my manners, I said, "Count of 5 then we gotta go, okay Ru?" Then counted slowly to five while she played, and lo and behold, after five, she was quite ready to leave.

She's 1.

They're currently "reading" a Flip the Flap Phonics book together.  Awww.

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