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Posted on: Thursday, 20 December 2007 @ 3:26pm
Blatting about
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[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Slowly I am getting back into the "unschooling" groove and our life is becoming happy again after a week of horror where Tao and I were trying to adjust to his testosterone levels, with Ru not sleeping and teething on top of that.  It's still trying at times as he is being extremely aggressive at the moment, I really need to play "the killing game" or do more kung fu with him, he's always so much calmer afterwards.  Anyway.

Yesterday while Ru slept, Tao and I played Scrabble.  Which is to say I got out the board, emptied the tiles on the table and we had fun moving the tiles around and making words.  We did the usual "TAO", "RUAN", "WIGGLES", the names of all the Wiggles, "XYLOPHONE" was a new one.  He recognised some letters but not others as expected.  He knows "T", "A" and "O" go in his name and what they are but is having trouble recognising "TAO" as his name, was what I was getting from the game.  Then all of a sudden he comes up with "P.  R.  E.  O."

I say "Preo?" with an air of "wtf?"

He looks at me like I'm completely and utterly dense (he's not too wrong there) and says "Preo heave ho Dockers."

Of course.  Duh.

After I stop being completely shocked and find my voice (which had for some reason buggered off temporarily after that revelation) I say "Shall we put that in tiles? Freo actually starts with an F, can you find the F?"

It took a while coz even though he seemed to be able to spell it in his head, he appeared to be having trouble relating it to the stuff on the tiles.  And for the record I've never spelt it for him and Josh is never home to do it :)

Until he repeats it, I'm writing it off as weird flukey thing :P

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