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Tao gems

Posted on: Friday, 15 June 2007 @ 6:57pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

What are you doing in there?

The other day I got my first video call from Josh. I showed Tao the phone and said "Hey Tao, who's that?"

He replied "I donno, that's Daddy!" I'm not sure why he starts responses like that. Then speaking to Josh's image on the screen, "Daddy what are you doing in there?"

Get your boobs out

Tao came by requesting some nah-nu earlier in the night. I told him sure, after dinner. He very politely requested nah-nu with a "please" and at some point in the sentence quite innocently said "get your boobs out?"

I blame that one on Joshua :)

Tiny little hair!

That was what Tao said to me as he was gently plucking at a few strands of my hair which desperately needs a cut.


In other news, I volunteered to help Heather homeschool her kids, seeing as it's something she's interested in. Starting off with Jasper who is currently unhappy with kindy on Mondays and Tuesdays (with Heather herself and possibly Will joining in on Tuesdays for playgroup and so she can ask questions or hang out or do whatever she needs to do to work out this whole homeschooling thing.

I've also been reading stuff I already know to remind myself that I know it and it's helping. I got back on track after a shitful week where I spent way too much time on the computer as a means of escapism and didn't actually do anything aside from lurk on boards (didn't read or post much).

So all is going good. Juat need to get Red Planet launched and relatively bug hammered and then I'll start doing some serious work on the homeschool site that I'm planning, plus the headspace site plus keep working on the animation which I didn't do a lot of work on tonight in favour of finishing up reading stuff I already knew and *horror of horrors* blogging a bit. Chances are I might drop this one when I get that sorted.

I should do something with my seriously neglected other journal. Although I rarely have the time/organisational skill to actually post stuff I'm thinking of in there.

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