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Homeschooling books etc

Posted on: Monday, 21 May 2007 @ 10:35am
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

I really need to stop reading them, I think.

They are either that much common sense (to me anyway) that I don't know why I'm bothering or they turn out to be psycho religious zealots.

Well I've only really read two homeschooling books and they are both American (hm, that explains a lot ;). One wasn't really that helpful though some of the stories contained within were interesting, the other started out pretty interesting as a good introduction to the "classical" method of education and kind of degenerated into anti-school borderline religious ... I lost the word.

Think I'll just stick to forums and maybe the occasional blog, coz I'm finding even some of the mailing lists I'm on a little daunting. I thought the defensiveness of people who put their kids in school was amusing (your choice people, have some confidence, yeesh) but the equal defensiveness of people using THIS particular method because IT IS THE RIGHT ONE and other people who don't do i their way are WRONG, man I thought having taken the "hippie alternative" route they'd at least be a little more open minded.


My priorities have been all over the fricking place of late, with trying to get Red Planet off the ground and upgrade Alternative Baby. Think I've got them straightened out now. Everything else is just going to have to take longer as I refocus on the kids properly.

The baby board is pretty much done, I upgrade tonight and patch up as I need to, so it's just bloody RP still hangimg over my head. I need to do other things before I kill it.

Tao is speaking coherent sentences these days, with adorable toddler mispronounciations. Ru is all over the place with her crawling, not overly fast when you look at her and of course you turn your back and she's at the other end of the house just about. It is a little easier to do housework etc now as Tao helps me and Ruan kind of potters on the floor around us.

Speaking of floor that's just where I picked Ruan off, though I think this time she was actually trying to get off the bed feet first. Poor girl.

Today is a fluid day. Ideally we'd be going to training, but I have been wondering how he hell I'm going to manage Ru, me mucking around and Tao mucking around. I'm going to Freo at some stage to hand in Ru's conscientious objection form and some (probably overdue) family assistance forms, and coming home via the library to get more books for Tao.

Then I think the house is long overdue for a proper clean.

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