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Yay for another nice day

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 October 2006 @ 10:06pm

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

I woke up with NO PAIN this morning :) There was the stereotypical discomfort of constant contractions but after yesterday, nothing hurts. Touch wood. We'd all had a decent night sleep too (all of 5.5 hours, but it was good quality sleep). Tao's fever had gone, he woke up all smiles, Josh wasn't cranky and for once I hadn't woken up at 2am, earliest Tao woke me up was close to 6am for his morning feeding frenzy. We all hauled out of bed about 6:30ish and Josh was in that good a mood that he made pancakes!

Then went to spend the day with Mez that was supposed to happen yesterday but didn't because I decided to die instead. Got dropped off by Josh before he took off again to uni, along with the boy and the dog. Dogs went spac playing madly out the back, hung around with Mez chatting idly about nothing in particular for most of the morning. She made tea cake and play doh for Tao. The tea cake was fun coz it was tasty and disintegratey XD Tao wouldn't touch it himself coz his pieces kept falling apart so I had to feed him some. He spent a whole lot of time playing with the butter.

Mez made hardcore sandwiches for lunch (something about her and Josh, both like cooking and both like making hardcore sandwiches). I have no idea what was in mine (she did actually yell out to see what I wanted in it, I said yes to pretty much everything that I didn't know what it was and no to things I knew I didn't like :P). Tried and failed to put Tao to bed, we had sandwiches. Then Tao wanted to go outside, then noticed the big thing of water in the ground and wanted to go for a swim. The water was fricken COLD.

But he insisted so I somehow managed to squeeze into my size8 bikini (amazingly it still fit around my hips but my boobs are no longer size8, the triangles managed to cover just enough, probably not a very flattering look :P) that Josh bought for me ages ago for a birthday or something, and transferred Tao into his swim nappy. Mez managed to geet him to the pool and then into his tot rashy, and when I came out I went in with him. Well went in is a very generous term, I eased my way into the arctic waters because due to the pot belly I had no real desire to take the plunge which would have worked better in the long run :P

Mez got changed and joined us for a swim and we spent a lot of time whinging about how cold the water was. I tried to get acclimatised slowly and used Tao as a measure of when to stop getting acclimatised, every time he got too cold he would climb up me frantically. We saved a few ladybugs, and Tao got to hold one, although he put it down quickly when I told him he was going to squash it. He was quite fascinated watching it crawling around on the boards over the pool. Mez was trying to reach a ladybug that was of course stranded out right in the middle of the deepest part of the pool. As I suspected, she managed to lose her balance while trying to rescue said ladybug and was promptly dunked. She then observed how filthy the pool was and we decided at that point we weren't quite cut out for freezing to death. Josh would have thought the water was lovely. We got out of the pool and dried off. The sun was hot on the bits of me that hadn't gotten wet, the bits that had been submerged were loving the toasty warmness.

Tao proved Continuum Concept theories for me by running around the pool without falling in (I knew he wouldn't fall in therefore he didn't, I didn't expect him to go too far and he didn't. People keep telling me it's lucky, in which case I'm pretty bloody lucky that it happens pretty much all the time, or that he's smart, which I won't argue with). Went back upstairs, I jumped in the shower with Tao and we had a very quick warm shower to rinse off from the pool and to relax Tao who was going crank factor. Put him on Mez's bed and he promptly fell asleep.

After that Mez showed me World of Warcraft. I had to get used to using a mouse (very little precision compared to my beloved Wacom :P) and we cruised through as a pair of night elves, me playing a druid which is a class I've never played before. Had fun as a spellcaster though I was joking I should have gone a hunter coz the druids use sticks and I like ranged weapons. Well that's what spells are for I guess. I kept bumping into things though coz I spent a lot of time checking out the environment, the movement of the players and animals and stuff like that and thinking what nice texture maps and the models aren't bad and how they could be better or if they could be better without compromising the game and all that other silly stuff that strange people like me think about.

Tao woke up unsettled and after failing to resettle him and having Bear jump up on the bed and lick his head and have her tail thumping loudly and me needing to pat her to stop the tail from thumping and her licking Tao's head, I took him into the computer room with me and had him on my lap feeding while we continued to play. The floor was on this weird slope though and I really noticed it with the extra 13 odd kg, stupid chair kept rolling away from the computer. I ended up clinging to the ground with one foot (wooden floorboards have to be useful for something if they're going to be rolly and slippery ;) while continuing to play. Tao eventually woke up and was content to sit on my lap and watch the game being played.

Josh got back reaosnably early and Mez put dinner on. Neil got back and Mez's attempts to clip Rar's toenails failed miserably. We figure it's because of the day before Tao's birthday, when he managed to rip up his paw pads while Josh and Yaser were skating around Curtin, so he assumes anything to do with his paws is going to hurt. So we're going to have to walk that dog more. Mez made roast for dinner and it was NUMMI. Was good table set up too, I sat next to Tao to assist him as required, he ate almost all of his peas and corn and most of his veges but only one bite of meat. He still has trouble with some kinds of meat. He had a little knife and fork and a little plate and a small metal cup and a little paper napkin (us "adults" had big plates and forks with steak knives and cloth napkins and glasses). See the great thing about Mez is that she gets kids (which is a great find in someone who doesn't have kids), she wasn't fussed that he got noisy and made a mess on occasion. Think Tao felt like such a big boy because he was sitting at the table in a big boy chair. There was sticky date pudding for dessert, Tao got a tiny little bit from Josh's portion and a whole lot of custard which he scoffed. Neil had more custard though, he had sticky date pudding at the bottom of the bowl and filled the bowl with custard, which was highly amusing for me who noticed :P

Oh yeh, forgot to mention, after Mez remembered she had a camera, she pulled it out and took about forty million photos of the cute little photogenic boy. I think the poor child is flashblind after that and the episode yesterday where he found my digital camera, managed to turn it on and then discovered the picture taking button which makes the camera flash and make picture taking noises. I should get that child some modelling work, he loves the camera. Still think Josh's cousin Marnie is a bigger showpony though ;) I would probably also be a right royal pain in the system at photoshoots, "I don't care if the photoshoot's not finished, he's had enough" when he gets cranky. I saw some of the photos that were taken and sme of them are definitely going to be blown up and framed. Hrm, there's an idea for Christmas presents for doting grandparents. They seem to like Tao related stuff.

Went back home after dinner and thanking Mez profusely for a nice day. Dog crawled gratefully onto his couch and passed out (he was sulking majorly coz I wouldn't let him up on the couch at Mez's place as it was not a dog couch, even though apparently Shasta and Bear get up there at every opportunity) and he's not used to the wooden floor). Tao took a couple of settlings but is now also fast asleep. He'll probably need shifting into a night nappy soon.

I'm feeling really pleasantly tired and thinking I should do some work on the storyboard. Got up some courage to show it to Mez even though it's crappy and not much done on it. Josh decide dto watch an ep of BSG to chill out though, and so of course that distracted me to the point of near insanity (not a fan) so I couldn't draw. Ended up piss farting around the baby board til it was shower time, and after that it was a bit on the late side in my opinion to start, sides which I feel lazy and chilled out. Might do a bit more 3d work or stuff related to 3d work or maybe even comic related 3d work. Really should get my act together and get back on that storyboard though, at some stage before I completely forget how to draw.

These contractions are causing stabby pains again. Apparently the fact that I can smell blood (Sif asked me if it was "earthy" and thinking about it, maybe it is) may mean my cervix is opening up and I'm getting ready to drop a baby. Rat is officially out of the bet and [info]jassalol holds a chance til the 22nd, then the 23rd is Robin's run. Rat by the way reckons I won't make it past the 25th. [info]terrycat and [info]kowren don't want Smidge to arrive til the 28th or later coz they get back on the 27th. Mez says she'll take birth photos if I want although she might get distracted by the birth itself. tis all good XD

I'm feeling pretty confident making the end of the month, might even be able to have the baby after Mum gets here on the 3rd of November which may make things easier or harder for me, and will make her happy. I'm feeling pretty happycruisy :)

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