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35 weeks tomorrow

Posted on: Thursday, 5 October 2006 @ 7:39pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Despite the constant nagging pain that may well try to develop into full blown labour at any stage, I'm happy.

I think Smidge may arrive soon, I remember being happier than usual a bit before Tao was born. No idea how long, I tried asking Josh but he was scurrying around doing his chores and things to get ready for a study group tonight for a test tomorrow so no straight answers from him. I'll just assume I'm right til otherwise proven ;) In theory I shouldn't go til about 38 weeks, but it completely would not surprise me if Smidge rocked around anywhere from the 20th (when I should be spot on 37 weeks) onwards. My estimate is 30/31, but I'm probably wrong.

Managed to get some stuff done today, did the dishes (need to go and stack them and do the dishes from dinner sometime later tonight, after the cats and dog have been fed so I can use both sinks), did some laundry, washed wool covers and lanolised them (they got extremely lanolised coz I forgot about them for a bit, but they were long overdue ;) and folded and put away nappies. Tao seems to be ready to embark on the toilet training journey so I let him run arund nudiebum most of the day and kept an eye on him. He's definitely aware of the signs, he fidgets a lot when he needs to go which I've never seen him do when he's got a nappy on. Typically though I'll ask him if he needs to do a wee and he'll say no. Fortunately he was good today and di one wee outside on the patio and one inside in the bathroom. He got my foot in the process but it was on tiles and easy to clean up so no harm.

AB is going well, it's about ready to launch. I don't really want to do a whole pile more work on it til the 6th when the bandwidth apparently resets coz I probably use up a fair bit of bandwidth with all the uploading and refreshing that I do. The forums are looking pretty slick (in my humble opinion, but so far no negative comments on them, I'm sure I'll get a whole pile more when we switch and people start complaining about things moving around and being different in general ;) and that's the most heavily used part of the site so that was what I wanted to get done initially. Got the rest of it to go but I'll work on that when I'm less pressured to get a working site going.

Tiny and Smidge's homeschool site is also working out well, looks extremely spartan at the moment coz I've been entirely too slack to come up with graphics for it. Colour scheme on the forums isn't that great either I don't think so might do some tweaking. Yep, I have forums, and thinking about how I would work out homeschooling groups if I can get groups of people on there. Assuming anyone cares to come on there in the first place. But it's all good, I'm the one that is going to be using it, bonus if anyone else finds a use for it as well.

My baby is going to be 2 soon.

And soon I'm going to have another baby.

I am extremely content.

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bethany Thursday, 15 September 2011 @ 7:21am [Permalink]
Great to hear about a mother who can balance her work and family life. Sure, it can get hectic, but when you can look back and see that you got things done among the chaos it feels pretty good. I'm sure the baby you write about here is growing so fast. Funny how one day they are a blip on an iu22 or other ultrasound machine, and the next thing you know they are running all over the place.

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