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Today is better ^_^

Posted on: Monday, 7 August 2006 @ 1:09pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

I woke up several times this morning, mostly coz Smidge was sleeping on my bladder and a couple of times coz Tiny kept latching on.

When I actually woke up this morning, I noticed something. Not feeling sick XD

Well my stomach was cramping and the queasy feeling crept in afterwards, but I didn't feel like primordial ooze when I woke up so that was great. My wrists and ankles felt swollen and achey even though they look perfectly normal, but I don't care, they can be swollen and achey coz I don't feel sick!

I was hungry even. So headed out to the futon, and got to the laundry before the cramps and tightenings hit. Made it to the futon, had eggs and toast for breakfast (after having no breakfast for the last three days coz I couldn't stomach the thought). Guess Smidge is growing again. Also started taking that Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Formula stuff, been forgetting coz I've been as bad as [info]terrycat lately :P

I thought about sitting at my desk to do some 3d stuff but my back and stomach and hips have decreed that I'm still a while off that, so maybe tomorrow. I'm lying on the futon at the moment, it is good being able to have the option of sitting up even though I can only sit up for about ten minutes before the rest of me starts crying. Man those people on serious bed rest (after major ops etc) must be so fricken happy when they can finally move and stuff again, I got out to the futon after four days in bed and I'm happy :P

Still can't do anything too major (and in context right now major involves walking up and down the length of the house more than once) coz I start leaking again and get hit by cramps and tightenings. They're kind of more painful but happening less often. i think. I woldn't have a clue, the tightenings actually seem to be happening pretty much all the time, I just don't feel them unless I put my hand on my tummy.

Smidge is kicking around and being highly active. It has a decent boot on it. I think it's coz my stomach muscles are now pissweak and pathetic due to my inability to train, Tao also had a powerful kick but it was necessary, my stomach muscles kinda held him in place so that he had to have a good kick or he wouldn't be able to move :P I do wish it wouldn't sit so low and would leave off hitting my cervix but can't have everything I guess.

KLC: you should come visit when you have a holiday :P

[info]mynxii: I'm interested in this homeschooling group you were talking about, Tao's a little bit young at this stage for the formal crap (he's 2 in December) but if they're okay with leeches hanging around to see how things are done and if they have tots for Tao to play with, I think we'd both find it interesting as well as something to do :)

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