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Posted on: Wednesday, 30 August 2006 @ 8:27pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Day yesterday was great. We went to Freo to return some unused raffle tickets that the football club was trying to get us to sell, and I checked up on the status of my Purple Haze jumper (apparently they'll call me, but at least this time they have this in and I've got the jumper).

We walked around, and had lunch at a little cafe on the short strip Dymocks is on, called kore kafe. I had BLT, Josh had a bacon and egg sandwich, Tao had a kiddie meal (chicken nuggets and chips). BLT was nice, I presume the bacon and egg one was too considering how quickly Josh got through it (though that's rarely a good indication of quality of food :P). I think we've ruined Tao's childhood forever, he doesn't like processed food XD He ate his chips fine, but wasn't terribly fond of the nuggets. Josh worked out after a taste test that the nuggets were probably of the box variety. So Tao had a bit of our food to make up.

We got home and because it was such a nice day (27C) we thought it would be fun to take the dog and the boy to the dog beach. So to the beach we went. Rar ran around like an idiot and had a great time. Josh went for a swim. Tao dug holes in the sand. Rar brought over a labrador puppy at some point to play, both of the sopping went mutts ran over the top of the towels (of course). The puppy knocked Tao over and then rolled on him, resulting in many tears. We manage to pull the puppy off (it was heavy, slightly smaller than Rar and about the same weight) and comfort the poor child.

Got home and I had many contractions and back pains.

Woke up this morning with many contractions and back pains. Josh woke up with glandular fever. Or at least some kind of flu from hell. We made a pretty pathetic pair with him acting like he was going to drop dead any second and me in a constant state of fury coz the fucking pain won't go away.

And so it still continues. Tao got screamed at a couple of times, poor bubby. Followed up with much reassurance that I do love him. I'm so over this hormonal pregnant bullshit.

Not long now. Technically ten weeks but Josh and I don't know if I'll get to full term. Maybe seven or eight.


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