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Nice couple days

posted on: Thursday, 17 August 2006 @ 2:39pm in

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[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tuesday and today were nice (so was Wednesday, but JJ was only gone for two and half hours then :).

On Tuesday JJ was gone for the whole day. We woke up and had breakfast, JJ headed off to uni. Tiny helped me do the dishes and a fold the laundry (and by that I mean he scrubbed a wooden spoon for the entire time when he wasn’t splashing around or stirring the dish water with it, and handing me laundry and then “helpfully” moving some of the stuff back into the basket, and even more “helpfully” stashing all the clothes into random drawers :)

He had his nap at about Tiny nap time, and we had soup and toas tfor lunch when he woke up. He had the decency to sleep for a couple of hours too so I could work on rebuilding AB and also working on the homeschool site I’m making for the kids. That’s also coming along nicely and when I’m done it’s highly likely I might move this thing over there. Anyway. After he woke up it was about 2 or 3, and I had found this carcass from a roast chicken we’d eaten earlier in the week. I threw it in a pot of water ith three cloves of crushed garlic and a bit of soy sauce to make chicken stock. While making chicken stock I had this brilliant idea to make chicken congee. Of course I ran off memory rather than trying to find a recipe. So after the carcass collapsed I did the best I could to fish out all the bones (and didn’t do too badly, just missed a bit of fat and gristle), as well as the skin from the garlic (some of which I missed).

I looked up the recipe I’d linked earlier and I was meant to soak the rice, of course I’d forgotten to do that, I just poured the remainder that we had into the stock and stirred it.

While the stock was cooking I’d gone and cleaned the bath tub of algae and then run a bath for Tiny, and while he was in the bath I finally cleaned the sink area and the mirror.

Then due to needing to run around after Tiny for a bit I overcooked it slightly so that the rice successfully soaked up all the liquid which is not quite what I wanted :) I was cooking the garlic oil when JJ came back home.

JJ claimed to be spoilt coz he came back to a clean house and a cooked meal, just to show how often that happens.

The almost-congee came out all right, chopped up a couple of stalks of spring onion and sprinkled that over the top, tasted great. I might even have a go at doing it properly next time.

Today didn’t start out so great, I was sick yesterday and this morning my back and stomach were hurting. JJ was being all worried and stuff but I kicked him out (just verbally for obvious reasons :P) coz he had a meeting with the industry partners plus classes. Tiny was great though, he came and had heaps of nah-nu (his word for boobyjuice, although he has started calling cow’s milk that as well, same thing but he can’t yet tell they come from different animals ;) and brought books to read.

I finally managed to drag myself out of bed and after hanging out with Tiny for a while he wanted a nap, so I got him down for a nap. I spent some time going through boards like I usually do (but not livejournal, just haven’t been much in the mood for reading other people’s blogs lately, sp[ecially seeing as it’s a major effort for me to do anything with either of mine :P) and at the end of it I managed to stomach a glass of milk. Tiny didn’t have a very long nap, so I think I did some stuff in between him sleeping and waking up, but he wanted some of my milk so I gave it to him. Had reheated bacon and egg sandwich with rocket and sausage for lunch, and Sir did a poo so I took him for a nappy change. Let him run around outside nudeybum for a while and he had a great time, so I let him run around out there and play on the trampoline for about an hour.

Did not do my stomach and back any good standing for an hour but he was having so much fun. I explained to him that out in the corner outsidwe his window we were going to clear the area and put in some play equipment for him, including a sandpit, and that we needed to do some weeding (the backyard finally has grass, unfortunately it also has a lot of weeds). The vege patch we’ve given up this plant bed nonsense and we’re just going to level it and throw some stuff into the ground and let it go wild, and see what we can find afterwards I think.

I was a bit disappointed coz I know exactly what I want to do with the baby bonus (clean up garden and buy play equipment), however JJ has decreed we need a new car and his suggestion makes more sense, coz we’re not likely to get a cash injection like that for a long time. Still I’m being petulant and thinking we’d be better off trying to save up for a new car when he has this thing he calls disposable income. We’re kind of hoping he might get picked up by his industry partner at the end of the year, so far he’s leaning further and further away from postgrad.

Anyway. While nudeybum boy was having fun in some of the holes the stupid dog had dug, I went in and put the nappies in the wash, rinsed out the buckets and started running a bath for him. Of course it took ages to convince Tiny to come back inside coz he was having such fun rolling around in the sand and getting his clothes and hair all grubby (got a few photos of the little grot), finally had to drag him him in protesting all the way. His protests died when he saw the bath which by that point was a bit on the full side, so I took his shirt off then took my clothes off and jumped in with him. Made it much easier as what hair he has needed shampooing anyway.

JJ came back while we were in the bath, and I told him that I’d lost track of time and was thinking about walking down to the shops to get ice cream when we were done in the bath. Good thing that was just a thouht though, at the moment I don’t think I could walk to the bus stop much less to the shops.

I think sir must be teething and growing, he’s down for another nap right now (second one today). And I really should try to tidy and vacuum and stuff a bit more (aside from the whole I’m not supposed to vacuum stuff, especially coz the contractions have been a bit more regular today) seeing as the in-laws are coming down for the weekend to watch the footy with us.

Oh and we’re going to Christmas Island for Christmas, so I suppose I better start thinking about asking someone to housesit and catsit and possibly dogsit.