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Slow progress

Posted on: Friday, 5 May 2006 @ 8:33pm

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Almost have a belly. Almost. Still only obvious after a meal :P I want chicken and corn soup, but we have no chicken and no corn, hell not really much of anything left, because tomorrow is shopping day. Maybe I should duck down to the hawkers and get some. They might still be open, it's only 8:35. If worse comes to worse I have rendang and veges in the fridge that just needs some rice to be cooked up. I really want chicken and corn soup but :(

Tiny is cute and cheeky as per usual. I've been taking a lot of photos of him lately. He's big on copying sounds now, and is quite adept at "no". "Tao, shower time" "Nunununununu". Boob is now "Boo-baaaah", usually "booBAAHbooBAAAHbooBAAAH" and back to "nah-nu" when he's sleepy. He has huge conversations with us, only part of it in English though. Really big on food, gets really upset if he thinks he's missing out. He's eating a lot as well all of a sudden. Must be growing. Gave him two decent scoops of rice today and poured some garlic sauce from the veges over it, he dug in and finished all but two mouthfuls. Also had a go at some beef rendang, I didn't give him any sauce coz thought it might be a bit spicy and he actually ate all the meat. Those two bottom molars are good for something at least, they're pretty much up and up til this point they and the two coming up have just been making him cry. We're about halfway through the bottle of Brauer's teething relief we bought. Good stuff that, I highly recommend it.

Need to get more Pregnancy and Breastfeeding formula as well, I have all of one capsule left.

Got a letter from the community midwife program today saying that I had a spot in the program, just need to meet with a midwife for a pre-booking appointment and see if I'm suitable or something. No idea what that means. Still I was happy til Josh had to go and crush me saying that they wouldn't let me do the homebirth coz of all the cats and the dog. Guess people on farms who go into labour before they have a chance to get to the all important fucking hospital are well and truly fucked then. Although it seems to be statistically proven that hospital births are more dangerous than home births because medical professionals are way too happy to jump in and intervene with pathetic excuses like "your cervix isn't dilating fast enough and that could hurt the baby" if the labour doesn't look like it's going to finish in time for them to get to their 4 o clock golf game or their dinner appointment with the boss's wife.

Anyway. Midwife will be in contact at some stage for this pre booking appointment, we see if we're suitable, if we are then great, if not then I cry and try to come up with something else.

Baby board is nearly done, though I'm having a lot of trouble coz the existing databases are a load of shit to begin with, and massively bloated. Just need to trim down the posts and I should be able to get it to a manageable size so I can actually work with it. New Red Planet is cruising along nice and easily which is great. Comic is going well. I'm really happy with it. I'm feeling all over the place at the moment, and wondering if I'm stupid for even wanting to attempt uni next year. I just keep remembering it's why I'm trying to finish these web projects now, so I won't be working on them later :) I know everything will work out. Eventually.

I really should post some pictures. I'm just so lazy.

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