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Midwife Visit

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 May 2006 @ 10:48pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Had a midwife from the Community Midwives come visit, and everything is cool, so we are progressing. I am very happy :) Turns out that hiring a birth pool is an option coz they're not nearly as big as I thought they were so with minimal furniture arrangement one will definitely fit. Yay!

Seems like I did get my dates right after all which is a good thing, she checked and said the uterus was exactly where it was supposed to be, and she ended up not really using the wheel thing that they have to guess dates coz I have a 32 day cycle not the standard 28 day one. Stupid long cycles. She also reckons I have a high chance of going early coz Mr Baby was born two weeks early. Left a file behind that I've been going through. They take care of pretty much everything and all we have to do now is work out which hospital to book into in the unlikely event of problems occurring (complications or Smidge decides to rock up before 37 weeks which they won't handle at home). Probably be going to King Edward because they're allowed to remain in charge whereas at Kaleeya they can stay but they can't be in charge.

So far really happy with the whole deal. Going to the doctor tomorrow to get a whole bunch of bloodwork done. Yay. Our regular doctor is apparently only now doing cosmetic surgery (?!) so we're going to see one of the new ones. Hopefully he's as good, otherwise I'm doing the runds there til I find someone I like :P Need to get an ultrasound done as well apparently.

The midwife was happy that I was still breastfeeding, thought it was a good idea that I was taking Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Formula (it's a necessity now, I don't do vitamin supplements normally but even with my ridiculously misproportional appetite I can't physically get down the amount of food I need).

Josh has been bugging me to get dating ultrasounds so we know when Smidge will rock up, I told him that the ultrasound isn't going to be a whole lot more accurate than I am, and the midwife confirmed my date so we'll see what the ultrasound says. Should be pretty close I think. I hope I'm coherent tomorrow, have to be up early. For some inane reason I agreed to a bloody 7:50am appointment. Guess it was going to happen with Josh on the one hand screeching about having no time and having a whole pile of stuff to do for uni (which he does, he's in fourth year and doing project work), but when I turn around and look at him he's playing online games :P

Should probably get these avatar thingies changed at some point. Very slack with this journalling stuff. Too much else to do that's more important. Plus happy active 1.5yo. And people bugging me for photos, I should do something about that.

I'm hungry again.

And I really need a massage. My body hurts from having Tao sleeping on it constantly. Poor little guy's teething like nobody's business and when he's not attached to the boob (which I swear is at least once every hour though it's not nearly that often all the time) he wants cuddles, so he's actually spent a lot of the last few nights either trying to stay attached even when not feeding or clambering on top of me to sleep. Josh had him for a couple of hours last night during which time I managed to sleep enough to dream. Had a bit more of a nap with him earlier this evening and he was sleeping on my arms most of the time, so as a result now very very sore in the shoulders. Had more dreams though and I wasn't sleeping that deeply. Guess it had to be done.

I have decided (again, been swaying bakc and forth on this one for a while) that we are not going anywhere for Christmas this year and people can come to us if they want to see the babies, and we are going to Christmas Island for Christmas next year one way or another. What I really need which isn't going to happen is my mum to come up and stay for a month. I suppose I can ask if nothing else but considering she works, the chances of that happening are slim to none. Plus I'm not sure how well my dad and sister would cope without her ;)

So looks like I might be calling on my friends, seeing as we're really going to be needing help this time round.

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