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Laugh with me.

Posted on: Monday, 22 May 2006 @ 11:02am
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Got this link from [info]tks off AB.

The only place people have trouble with breastfeeding is in this pathetic "civilised, developed" world which despite being massively technologically advanced is intellectually completely backward. Only in these so-called "developed" countries, especially those of the "Christian" persuasion is breastfeeding "indecent".

In "developing" countries, aside from the places where those fat ignorant fucks Nestle and other formula companies have been pushing their chemical cocktails of potential death, breastfeeding is normal. Any mum can go out anywhere and flop out a boob for a hungry baby or toddler, and no one even notices. Or if they do notice they're all "Awwwww look, isn't that sweeeeeet *gush*". Hell even in some Muslim countries where the women wear those top to toe garbs (which I so should know the name of but it's evading me right now), it's not unusual to see a woman, face covered for reasons of modesty, boob out to feed her child. Because breastfeeding is normal and I think it's actually somewhere in their religious texts as well, though I'll have to double check that.

Doesn't surprise me that America are so fucking backwards. Sadly it seems that the situation is not dissimilar east of here. Least here in Perth every time I've flopped out a boob, people either know to look elsehwere if they're uncomfortable with OMGWTFBOOBIES outside of their porn sites and gratuitous sex scenes in movies (or maybe they just have weird sensibilities, I don't know) or smile with an "Awwwww" expression. Even the ONE (1) person I encountered that was shocked that I was still breastfeeding a toddler that was "so big!" had nothing bad to say about it, Tao came off the boob and spun around to see what was going on, being the busybody that he is, and she laughed at him and said "Go back and drink" to him.

Backward prudish prats.

Too bad this didn't happen at the start of next year, then I'd have some nice shots of me breastfeeding both a newborn and a toddler. TWO BOOBS EXPOSED! OMG! WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Anyone who chooses to formula feed after finding out everything (and they do not tell you everything in a hospital, they make out that one is as good as the other which is the biggest deception they can ever give, although if they are being sponsored by formula companies it explains a lot) a baby is a very misinformed and misguided individual. I say ban the chemical concoctions of potential death and bring on the milk banks.

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