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Posted on: Wednesday, 26 April 2006 @ 10:30pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Got fluffymail from The Wee Wuns XD The nappy and its insert need washing before use, but I think the PUL covers should be all right to use straight away. I haven't found anything that suggests they should be washed before use. Seems kinda silly anyway. Just waiting on Vicki from Bubblebubs and her little girl to get over this evil virus thing they've gotten so she can start work on these special Dockers nappies I've ordered for Tiny and TheSmidge. I hope she listens to me and doesn't stress about them ;)

I lost a week in the pregnancy, that's how much attention I've been paying to it. Apparently some people feel guilty because with a subsequent child they don't feel as connected to it as they did with the first one. I know Smidge is in there and it better bloody well know it's loved considering how often I bombard the little bastich with it ;) I don't really spend a whole lot of time meditating on this though, mainly coz I'm too busy working on my projects (as outlined in my other journal) and making sure my kids and my husband aren't starved for attention.

Smidge looks something like this for those wondering, seeing as I haven't bothered with the doctors this time around. Even if Dr Tan is a fucking legend. I have obvious baby belly after a decent meal, other than that though there is no show unless you look very very carefully. Tiny is really sweet patting my tummy and cuddling it and kissing it :) Said tummy feels kinda hard most of the time now, like there's a small hard ball in there.

So these midwives should be contacting me sometime in the next couple of weeks I guess.

Once I've launched the baby board I should probably find out how to make that ticker thingi I've been wanting to make.

I'm also getting bombarded with requests for photos from my parentage so I should probably try to get around to getting some of those as well. It's not really a difficult process, it's just a case of exporting them out of iPhoto at a reasonable size (800x600 usually, but I do 500x375 for those backwards people on dialup ;). I'm just too bloody lazy to do it. Guess I should change these user picture thingies while I'm at it. Maybe one of these days, when I'm down a project or three.

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