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Posted on: Wednesday, 8 March 2006 @ 9:23am
Blatting about

I'm not sure how I really feel about additional kids. My parents don't reeally care either way. Josh's parents are convinced that we -need- to have another one so Tao has a "playmate". There's five cats and a dog and I'm sure he'll have friends, he is a very easygoing and friendly little guy, so I don't see why he needs a playmate. I don't want any more kids, but if I get knocked up and there is one in there, I don't want it to go away, coz then I would feel like I killed it because I rejected it. I'm so confused. I guess I don't mind getting pregnant again. I feel kinda bad though, coz there's all these people trying so hard to get babies and not getting them and we were trying so hard to not get a baby. Ehh, shit happens, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. On the one hand I would prefer for Tao to have been past the toddler years so he could have our full attention then, on the other hand, if it's going to happen, better it happens soon so Steve, Josh and I are travelling with a 5yo and a 3yo rather than a 5yo and a baby. Nappies add another bag to your luggage, coz I will not handle disposables. They give me rashes.

Shopping List

1x BubbaJ pocket (L) in multispots
1x Rumpster AIO (L) in babyblue, lavender or red (why can't they just use simple fricken colour names?)
2x BubbaJ PUL cover (L) in baby blue and red

2x Happy Hempy with fleece (S)
2x Happy Hempy Stuffins
2x BubbaJ wool cover (S) one in cream, the other in either baby blue or fuschia (white and blue or purple)
5x BubbaJ hemp nappy (size 1)

They are fairly low on the priority list though, first I want to get $1750 worth of awesome looking dining suite from down the road (should be able to do it in a couple more weeks, hopefully they don't sell it before then, I wanted to go put some money on it so it would definitely be held for us but Josh wants to go in and pay for it straight up so *shrug*). At some point we'll need a new car seat for Tao, though that can wait a bit more. Couple of other things as well, but can't think right now. Been feeling somewhat off colour since yesterday. Not fun. I'm on my second glass of OJ and should probably move to water. Josh bought me a quiche for breakfast but I couldn't stomach it, so he put it in the fridge for me to have later. Might go have a nibble on it now and see if I can keep it down.

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