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In Tune

Posted on: Thursday, 9 March 2006 @ 1:49pm
Blatting about

Less stress helps a lot. I better finish what I can of the MARS site and palm it back, going to have enough to deal with as is.

I'm surprised and yet not by how in tune I am with myself. I can feel things moving around and developing, occasionally it gets uncomfortable but for the most part it's just intrigueing. I should probably go make a doctor appointment and go get an ultrasound at some point. The morning sickness isn't so bad, seeing as I'm not stressed about things. I seem to be getting familiar with this baby as well, a lot sooner than I did with Tiny. Josh reckons it's probably coz I know what to look for now, he's probably right. We had a slight scare as we were talking, thinking maybe I was a month further along than we thought, seeing as my last period was unusual. But I'm pretty sure there was enough blood there to warrant being a proper period.

I think it's another little boy. I think I even have a name. Actually the name has been bugging at me for a while. Josh isn't so sure about it. I'll know for sure later. I knew when I was 4 months pregnant the first time that I was going to have a little boy whose name was Tao. I suspected for a bit before that. Guess I'll know for sure about that time this time round. Who knows, it might be a tomboy. Think the world will fear if I ever make a little girl.

I'm not even really sure of the dates, to be honest. It doesn't bother me that much. I won't deny being curious though.

Need to go get Tiny some new shoes. His funky little boots still fit and are still awesome and he will still wear them til he can't wear them anymore, but he wants to walk a lot more because he is ONE and a big boy. His soft soled boots are fine at people's houses and in shops and things, but I figure his cute little feet need that little bit more protection (in the form of soft rubber soled shoes) when we're out walking the dog and stuff like that. We were going to go today but Tiny fell asleep in the car, so we came straight home.

And the water should be back on now, yay!

I'm going to go keep rigging and working on the script and maybe do some more work on AB as well.

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