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Tiny and the Egg

Posted on: Thursday, 16 March 2006 @ 3:37pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tiny was off in a corner playing by himself, so I took that opportunity to do a bit more hacking.

As I was hacking, I saw him out of the corner of my eye heading towards me carrying two of his board books. I turned to him with a big happy smile, happy that he was coming over, and he handed me his "Food" board book.

So I started reading to him. It's one of those little chunky board books good for small hands to hold, filled with bright photographs of stuff with a single giant bold word blaring what that object is. We read the book til we got to the "page" with a picture of an egg. I pointed to the egg and said "egg" (strangely enough). Tao pointed at the egg. Again, I said "egg". Tao leaned in to the book with his mouth open and tried to "eat" the picture of the egg, then looked up at me, pointed to the egg, then at himself, then back to the egg, repeated process.

"You want an egg?" I asked. "I'll go make you one then. Here, hold your book." I gave him back the book and went to the kitchen. He followed me anxiously, carrying both books (the other was about colours I think). I took an egg out of the fridge and showed it to him. "See Tiny, it's an eggy." He immediately dropped the books and reached for the egg.

"Hang on, I gotta cook it first."

Put the egg on the boil, then had to go change his nappy. Egg was boiling when we got back, I broke it into his bowl, and just as an experiment scooped in the white and mixed it all together. Previously he would only eat the yolk. Insert Baby A into High Chair B, place bowl.

He ate a few spoonfuls. So he had actually successfully communicated to me that he wanted an egg. There's my pride quota shot for the day ;) Then of course he decided that it would be GREAT fun to tip it all over the tray table. Okay. Then he ate it off the tray table, sticking his face into the googy mess and slurping it up. There went his shirt :)

I let him play in a very shallow bath for a little while when he was done and let the cats finish off the egg :P

Was a nice bit in the day considering I had morning sickness from hell when I woke up and screamed at the poor boy for once falling on my head and once for having a wet nappy o_O And hated my husband for wandering off at 8 in the morning when he knows I feel like killing myself in the morning. But it's all good now.

Little Guy knows about the new bub too, he has spent some time talking to my tummy and stroking it :)

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