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The Power of Levers!

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 March 2006 @ 10:06pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tao has worked out levers. He worked out how to rig up the hockey stick to lever the bottom shelf off the shelf set thingi in our bedroom. He found it doesn't work on the baby gates though, he tried a few times :)

I think he might be able to read a little bit too, though I'm not sure. He seems to react to words he sees, not just in books (where I can safely assume he's looking at pictures as well) but also on screen when he's sitting on my lap and in "big" books that I read. He seems to have some idea of what he wants/needs to learn to read at any rate, the chunky board books he keeps bringing over are "Alphabet" and "Numbers". Occasionally he'll bring over "Food" and "Animals" either for something different or because he wants something to eat and can't grab it out of the fruit basket. He's brought over the food book before to tell me he wanted an egg. And I think he knows his "Frog" cloth book off by heart now.

Morning sickness seems to have dissipated for the most part, which I can't say I'm sorry about. Still feeling a bit sick on and off and can't really do much of anything aside from sitting on my arse either on the computer or reading or something without getting exhausted. I have all these chores I keep meaning to do which get constantly put off because I'll do a bunch of them and get tired. I guess growing one baby is hard enough, growing two is pretty taxing. Still, coping fine, and getting a grip on those bloody hormones resulting in the same amount of hot temperedness but less random outbursts.

Still saving up for decent dining suite, it's taking longer than I thought mainly because I forgot how much money we lose each month for private health insurance, kung fu, internet and rent. Sigh.

Also had to partially revise my nappy shopping list because Kate had to stop running BubbaJ, so here we go.

1x green Peapods (L) with hemp and microfibre boosters (couldn't direct link coz stupid site uses frames)
2x Bummi's Super Whisper Wrap (don't ask) (L) frog pattern and jungle pattern (same site as above, same problem)
1x Rumpster AIO (L) in baby blue, lavender or red

5x BubbaJ hemp nappies size1
2x Happy Hempy with fleece (s)
2x Happy Hempy Stuffins (s)
2x Baby Eco wool covers (newborn)

Erm. Idea is Big Boy will probably start wanting to wear pants like Daddy (he tried putting on a pair of Daddy's pants today, they're as big as he is so didn't work too good XD) so need trimmer nappies, so either PUL covers over his hempies (wool too bulky) or waterproof nappies. Smidge can be an obvious clothybutt, babies don't need pants (unless it's to hide ugly disposables :P).

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