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Of Cravings and other Things

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 March 2006 @ 2:45pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tiny's been real great so far. I think he's well aware of his little...sibling. This is going to be interesting, I keep thinking "little brother" and when I'm talking to Josh about them I keep referring to them as "the boys" rather than "the kids" which is what i should be doing til we either know via ultrasound or when I'm about four months which I'm guessing I will know for sure, coz that's about when I "knew" that Tiny was a little boy named Tao. He's quite patient and understanding with me as much as a yearling can be, when the misnomered morning sickness lasts all bloody day.

How the hell did I not work out that "nom" meant "name" when I know what words like "misnomer" mean?

Today though Little Guy was quite weepy and cranky and cried a lot. I didn't know what to do except for the usual do whatever I think I should be doing, and that was not getting annoyed with him even though I was feeling annoyed, it's not like he was doing it on purpose to piss me off or anything. I figure he's probably teething. Anyway he's down for another nap so hopefully he'll sleep for a while.

I bought the biggest bunch of buk choy I have ever seen in my life. Think I will cook it tonight. Been trying to take the pressure off Josh a bit by taking over some of the cooking (I hate cooking, but you gotta do what you gotta do). Yesterday I kept demanding and eating toast with butter. Josh bought nice bread and hot cross buns. Weird kind of craving, but I'm sure fibre is used for something. I also ate a really small fish for dinner (they weren't kidding about the BABY barra) and a plate and a half of wedges. And earlier for lunch scoffed an entire bowl of pasta which I think normally would have done me and Josh probably with a bit left over. I really need to do something about my diet, it's a bit of a mission even for a being of boundless energy to grow two babies at once. My eternal respects to people who breastfeed multiples. Trying to get that sorted before I resort to supplements. Although I didn't have bad reactions to the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Formula so I know I can fall on that if the diet alone doesn't cut it.

I swear I can feel butterfly movements from Smidge. That is technically impossible coz I'm about 6.5 weeks and Smidgeon would only just be starting to think about budding limbs. I don't think he's even visible to the naked eye at this point in tiem. This is crazy. And the fact that I only got left alone after accepting the possibility of a name that Josh thought was odd, would probably suggest something but I don't have a fricken clue what. Maybe if I tell him again at four months he'll believe me, or at least be able to feel it then too. I donno. It's entirely possible I'm just going the rest of the way mad, according to everyone I know it's not a long trip.

I really should ring up the community midwives and see whether my application got lost in the aether or not. My head is just never in the right space for phone conversations though. I hate phones. Also not in the right headspace to finish the baby board. There's not a whole lot more to go on it really, and I don't even know why I'm dreading it, there's all of one difficult task that I don't want to deal with, the rest of it, one is annoying and shouldn't need to be done, just has to be coz Microsoft are a bunch of stupid fucks who can't do something simple like release a browser that's standards compliant and secure, the rest is just cosmetic details that I need to find the appropriate pieces of code to pull out and twist. I'll get back into it eventually.

Josh should be home within a couple of hours. Yay!

Seems like everything is working out all right. Be nice if my family came up for Christmas, they want us to go down there but there's no way in hell I'm travelling that far that soon after giving birth. Would love to be on Christmas Island for Christmas, not going to happen. I might get lucky. Dad said he will probably be up in June for a course, and Mum might come up in November for Smidge's birth and to do some Christmas shopping, so I'll get to see them and at least one of them will get to see the newborn Smidge. I really want this homebirth so I don't have to be away from the Little Guy. Sigh. Hope I get it. That'd be nice.

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