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Posted on: Monday, 27 February 2006 @ 12:36pm
Blatting about

In the order I remember it in :P

When Josh had gone off on one of his site visits, Tao got hold of my mobile and toddled off, holding the phone behind his head (coz that's how you talk on the phone) and said "Daddy?" I would have called Josh but he was in the site visit at the time :)

Tao brought me the phone catalogue he'd been looking at. I told him it was a phone catalogue. He pointed to a photo of an odd looking mobile, I told him it was a phone. He walked off with the catalogue to his ear.

I saw Tao run off behind the futon with his cricket bat, then duck down and look under the cat scratching post box behind the futon. A bit later he starrted stabbing the cricket bat around under it. I figured maybe he was just trying to post the cricket bat. He checked again, then stabbed again. I wondered, what the hell is he doing? A bit later I saw a tennis ball pop out from under the cat box O_O

That boy has good taste, he was dancing along to Gorillaz: Dare earlier.

We had a shower, and I got Tiny to dry himself (well his body and legs, I have to dry his head, face and back) while I dried myself. I spiked up my mohawk, then turned to see Tiny also spiking up his pathetic amount of hair. He likes brushing it too :)

And I'm sure there was heaps more but I can't remember atm as Sir wants attention and Josh just got back from uni :) Maybe later.

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