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Aww he's growing up

Posted on: Saturday, 11 February 2006 @ 8:59am
Blatting about

Haven't posted for a month. Okay, so it's been a combination of me being slack, me doing other things and me running after a very intelligent and very curious little monkeyrat :)

Tao's managed to work out his Tupperware shape sorter, though he can only handle 3-4 shapes out at a time to put back in, if you take all of them out he gets all happy and scatters them to the far reaches of the room. If he can't figure out where a shape goes, he tries the next best match, or just shoves it where it will fit on the off chance it goes in (which it never does).

Yesterday i discovered he could walk backwards. I didn't know this. We play chasey and hide and seek a lot (which involves me chasing him, waiting til his back is turned and then running off and hiding, and when he comes past looking for me leaping out and scaring him which he loves). I usually sing the Jaws theme while I'm chasing him, so he knows to run when he hears it. I had been playing with him, and I stopped to do something else briefly. He made eye contact with me, grinned his cheeky monkey grin, and started walking backwards trying to get me to chase him.

It was so damn cute XD

At the end of the day, I took him in for a shower as I do. Since he's been able to stand, I've been putting him on the bath mat and drying him there coz he tends to kick up the biggest fuss if you flatten him out on the change table trying to dry and change him. Think as far as he sees it, he doesn't need to be prone to be dried, but he does comprehend that him lying down makes it a lot quicker and easier to change nappies. Anyway, I put him on the bath mat after the shower and dried his head and back off, then gave him the towel seeing as he was struggling and squirming away from me. He took the towel (which is twice as big as he is mind), dried his little face, rubbed down the front of his body, patted down his groin, and bent down to dry his legs and feet, then handed me the towel and toddled off.

Oh yeh, he pointed out his left and right hands as well, "lef" and "wight", though he got them backwards the first time. I told him which was which, and he got it right the second time round. Hasn't done it since, but hey I was impressed that time.

I have a clever little guy ^_^

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