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Updates on the Tao-bean

Posted on: Sunday, 4 December 2005 @ 2:18pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]


Last night Tiny was asleep between us after I'd fed him. e flailed around a bit trying to sprawl, and in a barely awake state, crawled over the top of me heading for his cot. I helped him along and covered him up with his blanket. He fidgeted a bit more, got himself comfortable with his head on his pillow and promptly fell asleep. I watched him go to sleep in his cot (which is minus a side and up against the side of our bed, seeing as he's getting bigger), Josh cuddled up behind me and commented that Tiny was getting to be a big boy. I said yeah, and remembered our little newborn nestled in between us, sleeping. I was quite proud of him for going into the cot by himself (or at least intending to), and thinking how much I was going to miss him when he moved out into his own bed (as nice as having the bed back to ourselves will be too ;)


Josh went to get Tao not long ago when he woke up from his nap, and brought him out. Tao was still a bit groggy and wanted to come to me, I took him and cuddled him, he fussed for a bit, looking forlornly at me with his screwed up prissy face, thought for a little while, then said "Miuk' quite clearly. I responded "milk?" and looked up at Josh saying "Did you hear that?" Josh answered "Sounded like milk to me." So back in the room I took Tao and gave him another feed. After his feed he kept pulling himself up on the bed head and trying to step over my head, so I eventually put him on my tummy with his feet towards the edge of the bed. He pushed himself backwards and onto the floor. Josh came out of the toilet and saw him standing on the floor and asked if he'd gotten down by himself, which he had mostly. Tao got down and crawled into the bathroom with Josh, then we headed out into the living area again.


Tao spent a lot of time fussing and carrying on. I asked Josh if he'd changed his nappy or taken him to the bathroom since he woke up. Answer was no, so I checked his nappy and sure enough wet. I carried him into the bathroom, took the cover off and placed him into the bath. His nappy was wet but Tao was looking impatient like he needed to go, so I whipped the nappy off and put it and the liner into the nappy bucket. Poo shot out of Tao and hit the back wall of the bathroom. I yelled for Josh, who got cleanup duty, I made sure the baby's bum was clean and whacked him into a clean nappy.

Both of us were quite impressed that he had waited til his nappy was off before letting off the poo. There was quite a bit of it, it woulda made quite a mess in his nappy. I think tomorrow we are going to wander off to Baby on a Budget and get him a potty.

I'm pretty sure there was something he did yesterday as well, but seeing as we're in a constant state of amazement and thinking he's clever (standard operating procedure with all parents I think) I can't immediately remember what it is. Maybe later :)

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