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Down and Dinosaurs

Posted on: Thursday, 8 December 2005 @ 5:27pm
Blatting about

Ahh my little guy is growing up. I had him on my lap talking to [info]firvulag and [info]aurickandrien ([info]gemfyre and [info]terrycat were about too but non-active, and Cam, a uni friend of Josh's) on IRC, and Tao was having a great time playing with this notebook I'd written stuff in from the Lightwave manual (I got sick of having to dig out that bloody big pdf every time I forgot something). As he does, Tiny knocked the book onto the floor, then stared at it as if surprised it had fallen (well maybe he's still learning about this gravity thing ;)

"Did the book fall down?" I said to him. "Did you make the book fall down?"

Tao looked at me with those cute big eyes and said in his high pitched baby voice, copying my tone, "Down!"

"Yeah," I replied, as if I'd been expecting that from him all along, even though I hadn't expected a response, "the book fell down." I put him down to get the book, he flipped disinterestedly through the pages (it's only the first three or four pages filled with my chicken scrawl), then crawled off. Not long after I sat down to play with him, and pulled out his dinosaur puzzle seeing as we hadn't played with that for a while. He pulled out a piece and looked at it, then watched me put it back in. After that he worked at putting the piece back in himself, and eventually got it. Watch me bristle with pride then.

I took out all the pieces then (well almost all, it's missing a piece which I should try to locate). Tao observed this, and started putting the pieces back. He recognised the shapes and colours (the puzzle had the pictures in the holes) but occasionally had a bit of trouble orienting the piece to fit into the hole it had come from. Still he matched everything up accurately and with no trouble whatsoever. And Josh missed out coz he was asleep again.

Apparently it's going to rain so no dog walking for us. I should really take Mr Baby in for a shower anyway. Oh yeh, we bought him a potty, he hasn't used it yet but he's sat on it a couple of times and I've put it in with him whenever he's gone in the bath, hopefully can introduce the idea to him like that.

Anyways. Off to give the cute boy a bath n play with him more :)

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