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The Day Approaches

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 December 2005 @ 4:08pm
Blatting about

In nine days, Josh and I will have been parents for a whole year o_O

As expected, the little one has been keeping me on my toes. Not a bad thing really, and I've been enjoying it so far, in spite of people telling me how much I'm going to have to watch out etc. He toddles around oh so cutely with his arms out for balance in stereotypical baby fashion. His favourite games are peekaboo and to toddle at me as fast as he can with his arms stretched out and collapse giggling into my arms :)

We're going up to Jurien for Christmas and [info]aurickandrien is gonna be catsitting for us (thanks! :) We'll be back in time for his birthday though, on the 30th, and celebrating probably on South Beach, doing a baptism thing (no not christening, baptism. Naming ceremony if you want) that will also involve a barbeque, and probably beach cricket and footy. Heh, think my parents are gonna be sore at me forever coz I'm not getting him christened until he's old enough to decide if he wants to be. But it happens. Anyways, if you want to come you've probably already been told about it but I'll be sending out an email and stuff.

I need to get my mohawk trimmed.

The house is now cleaner, bathroom and toilet finally got cleaned and I vacuumed. Need to wash up all the nappies tonight to get ready to go tomorrow...sometime. I have no idea when we're going. It was kinda planned out but as usual we're just going along with the flow coz our plans rarely get laid out carefully and rarely get followed exactly, they're more vague guidelines of the sequence of events or at the very least a list of stuff that needs to get done in the day rather than actual plans. We drive a lot of people batty like that.

Erm. Not much more. Gonna go keep working on my model now that Tiny is napping :)

I love my boys XD

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