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12 Months of Tao

Posted on: Thursday, 29 December 2005 @ 4:40pm
Blatting about

The little guy's birthday is TOMORROW. Holy hell, we've been parents for a year O_O To commemorate the cuteness, I've picked one (you have no idea how bloody hard that was) photo from each month of his life thus far and present you with:

newborn baby
In the first month of Tao, we knew we were never going to let him go, and a lot of this happened ;)

smiling 2 month old
In the second month of Tao, the gummyshark learned to smile.

three month old being a plane
In the third month of Tao, he proved that neck strength wasn't an issue.

4 month old hacker
In the fourth month of Tao, he was lifting his head with no problems, and starting to show us just how intelligent he was...

5 month old with "study materials"
In the fifth month of Tao, he was studying with Daddy. He was also sprouting teeth.

6 month old wants beer
In the sixth month of Tao, he was quite keen on Daddy's beer o_O

7 month old teething on a chickem bone
In the seventh month of Tao we went to Christmas Island to spend some time with my family. You'd think we never fed him or something. He liked teething on chicken bones.

8 month old playing with shape sorter
In the eighth month of Tao, he showed us that shape recognition is easy, but he lacked the dexterity to orient the shape to the hole :)

9 month old crawler heading out the door
In the ninth month of Tao, he gained full mobility and there was no stopping him.

10 month old eating mandarin
In the tenth month of Tao, the monkeyrat was trying to walk already, and liked getting into everything. He likes fruit.

11 month old vacuuming
In the eleventh month of Tao he was making an extra effort to help around the house.

1 year old carving the coffee table with a cricket bat
And the twelfth month of Tao, our beautiful boy continues delighting us with his wonderful personality and cheerful disposition, and amazing us with the speed at which he picks things up.

We are hopelessly proud of him, and love him more than anything XD

Happy birthday for tomorrow beautiful baby!


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