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Nice Day

Posted on: Friday, 4 November 2005 @ 6:27pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Had a nice day today. Got to meet Carlia from AB and her cute little almost 2yo Bridie, as well as a bunch of other "alternative" types. Met up with Carlia and some other people at the markets, then had to double back to the car park so we could put Tao's car seat in Carlia's car coz she was going to give me a ride back. We hung out with Josh for a bit, went and did our fruit and vege shopping (mango season! and Tao loves mangoes! XD) and Tao got a strawberry which he ate a couple of bites of and then smooshed most of the rest all over me, as per standard operating procedure.

We'd lost the others while trawling around the markets and we had a stroll around looking at stuff and looking for them, Josh went off and got meat and fish then headed home to work on his assignments. Bridie spent a whole lot of time not wanting to be in her sling. We caught up with another couple that had a baby named Jarrah who is a week younger than Tiny. We kept looking and failed at finding the other people, then discovered they'd gone to Clancy's Fish Pub (which apparently was where we were going to go for lunch). So we headed over there as well, my sense of direction completely failed me and we kinda took the scenic route there (this is what happens when I'm missing landmarks in the middle), but we got there eventually.

The sketti at Clancy's is nice (yeh went to a FISH pub and I ordered spaghetti). Tao had fallen asleep on the walk and was asleep for a while, his waking up coincided with me dropping some spaghetti on his head (always happens when I'm eating with him in the sling, and I was doing so well too). Initially he was shy coz he'd just woken up, but was quite happy to get down and play once he'd gotten used to the amount of people. I changed his nappy (he was wetter than I thought, yay for Fuzzibunzes), and he checked out what the other kids were doing, and got confused by Bridie constantly switching toys with him. Carlia commented that he was going to have to get used to it as girls were confusing :)

I told her about Josh being open minded, and when Tao was screaming blue murder coz he didn't want to lie down while having his nappy changed, Josh was speaking gently to him and then I heard him say "I'm gonna tell your girlfriend or boyfriend about this!" Apparently it's hard for some men to accept the fact that their sons might be that way inclined. Silly people.

Party dispersed as kids started getting tired and Carlia gave us a ride home in her 4wd. Tao and Bridie spent a whole lot of time looking curiously at each other. I hadn't put Tao's pants back on and thought he might be cold so covered him with his sling. Bridie stole the sling and used it as a blanket for herself, which was amusing. Part way home Tao started fussiong and crying which escalated to screaming by the time we got home. Carlia managed to eject the baby seat from her car (she called it the steroided carseat coz it was massive compared to Bridie's), we waved her off and I brought the much calmer Tao inside for a feed.

Surprisingly he wasn't actually that interested in feeding, he was all smiles again playing with Josh, so I think he might have just missed Josh, coz we wer separate for quite a while plus in a strange environment surrounded by strange people. Probably too much for a poor little baby to handle in one day. He was happy to be back home with his daddy, we all played and cuddled for a little while, then Josh changed Tao's nappy and I fed him. He fed for about an hour which seriously drained me. He's been doing that a bit lately, these insanely long, tiring feeds that usually have me falling at least partially asleep with him. He fell asleep after that and crashed out for a while.

I fed him back to sleep not long ago but at least it only took about 15-20mins.

So yeh. I suck at writing up, but it was a really nice day, and it was nice to finally meet Carlia and Bridie and find some other "alternative" types (I don't think we're alternative, I think we're normal and everyone else is weird ;)

And Tiny's just woken up again, probably needs to go to the bathroom. The elimination communication is going well (he even used his sign today, cept I'm stupid and took a while to click as he hasn't used it before). And now he's done his wee and I need to go give him a bath, and possibly get him back to sleep.

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