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Ho hum

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 November 2005 @ 6:02pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Both the boys are currently asleep, which makes it kinda hard to walk the dog. I managed to catch up on washing today, though right now I should be folding nappies, so of course I'm 3ding. I also ordered some more fluffy mail, another hemp nappy (coz they are great) and one of the new pocket nappies from BubbaJ to try and five boosters coz we keep running out for some obscure reason. I thought we had one booster per nappy, apparently I was wrong. Well now we should have more boosters than nappies which means I should be able to double up or triple up (if it doesn't get too bulky) boosters in Tao's night nappy, coz when he conks out early (5-6ish) he is usually awake again at 11ish coz his nappy is incapable of being any wetter and then of course after getting his nappy changed he's all awake and ready for a play. Fortunately he does go to sleep when we do.

Erm. What else has been happening. Not a lot really. Tao's been playing peekaboo a lot, behind anything he can hide behind and peek around. That's insanely cute, specially that wide-eyed smiley look he gets when playing it. It's even funnier when he's playing through glass, when he's outside and I'm inside, and he thinks I can't see him through the glass coz he can't see me as it's brighter outside than in. He's also started to play catch, we roll anything we can move across the floor between us. I should really get him a round ball but Josh is being reluctant because we have a stupid dog that likes balls (of the sports variety and of the male genitalia variety as people who have been corked by him for walking in the house can attest to). Tao has also started wanting to dig in sand, he's been using a broken seedling pot to dig around in some leaves (which we take him away from coz there's spiders under the table where the leaves have collected) and in the garden beside the sliding glass door. There was a sandbox in Toys R Us that was kinda ugly but functional that we wanted to get him but it wouldn't fit in the car. Intending to take him to the beach sometime.

Tao's almost playing pattycake, he can clap his hands against mine. Also recently been able to separate the two sides of his body, before whenever he was shaking something with one hand or banging on something, both hands would move simultaneously in the same motion. Lately he's been banging drum rhythms separately and quite well with both hands. Still seems to be primarily left handed, not that I mind, but at least he is using his right hand more. His hand-eye coordination was complimented today at Curtin. Brian, one of Josh's lecturers, was teaching Tao how to ring the call bell on the front desk, and both Brian and Tao kept tapping it. One of the receptionists came storming up and grinned when she saw the baby, and said someone had just been about to get their hand smacked but because it was a baby it was all right apparently ;) Tao was quite delicately and deliberately depressing the button on the bell with his cute tiny index finger. His "drawing" is improving too, I should try to salvage more of his art. It's getting drawn in an old graph pad and that is left on the floor where he can reach it easily so it tends to get stepped on and torn up a lot.

Still not walking properly yet, steps here and there. He can crawl fast though, his blurring is coming along nicely.

I have been told I should post more photos. Probably should, but requires effort as I need to export them from iPhoto and then upload them to my webspace, but I shall endeavour to pick some out :) Also need to get on with his baby book, which means I need to fix the printer.

Oh, on a completely different note, the homeschooling moderation thingi doesn't look as bad as I thought it might be, so hopefully things will be okay on that front. I'm semi-contemplating writing or finding and modifying some kind of basic CMS to do the recording with. I have another three years to develop it (would try it out for the preschool year) which seems like a long time but I have a lot to do. Maybe I'll just get the codemonkeys to make me one :)

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