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He's Walking!

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 October 2005 @ 11:17pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Well, not quite, but he's very close.

He's only been crawling for a month O_O

We were playing the game where I say "Can the baby...stand by himself?" and let go of him, and catch him before he loses his balance. He thinks it's a great game, and lately has been able to balance for a little while before falling over. This time however, he not only stood, he interrupted my starting to tell him what a clever balancing baby he was by running straight at me, giggling maniacally all the way. Took him all of three steps to reach me, I yelled "HE'S WALKING!" at Josh (who insists that there was definite squealing involved, i deny this), Josh came running over to try to convince Tao to walk to him but Tao had decided we were obviously playing chasey and crawled away as fast as he could, giggling all the way :)

He'd spent most of yesterday trying to balance by himself, I do have a photo currently still on the camera of him trying to balance, though the problem was he's leaning on the futon coz he lost his balance when he turned around to see what I was doing as I was trying to get a photo of him standing. Typically I'd had my back turned at the time so when I turned back all I'd seen was him standing with a toy in each hand.

But yeh. All today today he's been pushing himself into a standing position and trying to walk, though he hasn't been able to take more than three steps at any one time, usually he falls down after one or two. He's taken an interest in physics, kept dropping things on the floor, and we would pick it up and put it back so he could drop it again. He pulled out The Tao of Physics from the bookshelf (though I reckon he just did that coz it has his name on it ;) and a referencing guide. He seems quite interested in how his balance is affected by gravity as well, because I watch him trying jumping, turning around quickly, walking etc and seeing what makes him fall. It is an extremely fascinating thing to watch and I have no idea what's going on in his little head (big head actually, it's big compared to his body :), or even if he is in fact consciously carrying out those experiments, they're just inferences I'm making from observation.

I'm wondering though if he will actually walk because I know he can, or whether it's just something he's toying with like when he started thinking about crawling at 6 months but ended up putting it off til last month due to teething. Though I don't think he's actively teething at the moment. This is exciting XD

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