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Posted on: Saturday, 8 October 2005 @ 11:08pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

In the shower this time.

So there I am starting an msn convo with Leah when my ever vigilant ferocious guard puppy starts woofing, why coz he is currently unfamiliar with the sound of Joshua returning home on his currently brand new bike :)

Dog barking wakes boyo up, but he sees Mummy n Daddy and smiles like this - :) which is to say like a frog. It's cute, if I can get a photo I'll try to remember to post it. I tell Leah that Tao's awake and I must take him to the toilet, so I run tiny into the bathroom, whip off his nappy which is still dry and he does his wee in the bathroom with us singing his praises.

Josh decides he needs a shower to not cramp, we all jump in there.

After tiny has been soaped and rinsed, Josh puts him on the floor to play. He stands supported against the edge of the roman bath with one of the shower heads aimed at him, and then Josh says "He's done a poo." We watch the poo flow down the drain, and inform tao that yes, he has as a matter of fact, done a poo. He was looking atr us like this: O_O

Josh picks him up to rinse off his bum and then "We'll hand you to mum so she can wash of the crusty bits." Yeh, thanks :P I rinse off Tao's bum, and all of a sudden there is an almighty FART and Josh leaps out of the way of a line of projectile poo that shoots halfway across the shower (what, you think I'm exaggerating? :P), ending up in a pose very similar to those sterotypical scared of mice ladies.

Repeat rinsing of Tao's bum once I have managed to stop laughing quite so maniacally.

Josh's Revenge comes in the form of the third and final poo which slowly dribbles its way down my front.


At this point I palm the boy off and use an exessive amount of soap.

Tiny was all gorgeous smiliness afterward :P

Bikes. Yes, bikes.

We've been talking about this for a while now. Be good fitness to add to training, environmentally friendly, plus bike riding is fun. With the rising cost of fuel, we thought we'd better actually get around to it as opposed to talking about it. So we went shopping. Seeing as we needed everything (bikes, bike rack, bikeseat, helmets, bike locks) I anticipated a budget of about $800 or so if we allowed $300 each for bikes. I woulda liked to go $400 bikes but yeh. Money. Poking around on the net and it seemed that one of the Bike Force shops would be our best bet. For no real reason Josh decided we should go to the one on Albany Highway.

So off we went cruising down Albany Highway and on the way we passed this little bike shop called Olivers Cycles or something to that effect. I can't remember already, jeez. But there was this nice little oldish couple running the place. We had a poke around, liked the prices on some of the bikes, and had a chat to the nice lady. She found out that we needed EVERYTHING, spoke to her husband and they gave us a discount on the bikes and some other stuff, so instead of $800 we ended up spending a bit over $600 XD Got two decent bikes (mine has funky hand grip gear changers ^_^), two bike locks, three helmets, a spare pump, and a bike rack which the nice old guy helped Josh install onto Nifty.

We didn't get a bike seat though coz none of the places we went to (we dropped in at a couple of Bike Force shops on the way to Morley to Nasha's place to see Nate who was up for a day) had the seat I was after, which is a centric mounted as opposed to rear mounted (one of these). No one was sure of the legality of the thing so I checked, and the bike rules say passenger seats have to be behind the handlebars. I think that construes as behind the handlebars. But looks like I'm ordering it in which is slightly inconvenient. We decided we'd get a trailer initially then so we could take Tiny out, but the trailers we were looking at cost more than our bikes did, the seriously high end trailer costs $800 (why I don't know) but the cheapest one was $300 or so and the only one I could get at the time was $450 and after all that other shopping I seriously doubted I had that much left in my account. I didn't particularly want to spend that much on a trailer anyway, specially seeing as the chances of it being used to tow Tiny were fairly slim once I got the bike seat.

So I'll order in the bike seat on Monday and hopefully it won't take too long to get in, and at some point not long after that we'll get a cargo trailer for the nappy bag and groceries and other miscellaneous crap. The ladies at AltBaby have requested that I put up photos when I get it. I'll be taking some. I really should put up some photos of Tiny. I'm so slack. There is a little comic I want to make, maybe I should get on with that or something, just working on 3d stuff right now. also supposed to be sending my mother photos coz she wants to make a baby book for Tiny. She'd probably do a much better job than me except for the fact that she's not here and can't see the stuff that he does.

Erm. There was probably some other stuff that I was going to mention but as usual I've forgotten what it is. I should probably remember to write in this thing more, that might help to begin with.

Need to get more ink for the printer, and a new cable to connect it tot he computer coz I seem to have lost mine, and do some more work on Tao's baby book.

He's going to be 1 in a couple of months. I am so glad we haven't broken him yet. Though I kinda worry about how he's going to turn out when he grows up. He's such a wonderful child, could've been anything if only he'd ended up with normal parents :)

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