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What's Been Happening Lately

Posted on: Friday, 30 September 2005 @ 6:09pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

The last couple of nights have been a bit rough. I don't know whether it's the teething or him waking up in the middle of the night and deciding his previous long sleep was in fact just a long nap and refusing to go back to sleep even though he's tired, but he hasn't wanted to go back to sleep. We actually had to walk up and down the corridors with him which we've never had to do before, even when he was a little newborn. Well actually Josh walked the corridors with him, I took him out to the living room, fed him standing (me, not him) which I haven't done for ages without a sling. He was heavy o_O Eventually managed to get him to slee though he's been getting us up nice and early. And of course Josh whinges that he's tired but will not under any circumstances go to bed early.

Tao once peed on the change table while standing up leaning against the wall. I have recently decided to try this elimination communication thing again (I tried it once before but stopped coz uni was retarded, then tried again, then stopped because I suck, am a bit more determined this time ;) We've been moving him into the bathroom and leaving him in the roman bath without a nappy (and with his suit legs tied in a knot behind his back if applicable) while we fold up his new nappy. So far this has only been happening after his naps coz I know he needs to go very soon after waking up, hoping to move on from there. I haven't yet been able to tell the parentage that it is NOT toilet training, when I mentioned it I kept getting "they have a habit of backsliding" etc. But anyway. So far he's done 3x wees in the roman bath, 2 when I was changing him and one when Josh did. We got really excited about that :P Look on his face was amusing when he copped some on his foot.

Ordered a new hemp nappy, wool nappy cover and 20 fleece liners from Bubba J and two pocket nappies with PUL outsides from The Wee Wuns. Kinda weird, I refuse to have anything to do with PUL covers but I'm fine getting nappies with PUL outsides. Think it has something to do with a probably slightly flawed theory I'm harbouring about the Greenhouse Effect. But yes, the rapidly expanding boy is starting to outgrow his stash. I really need to go through his room and sort out the new stash of clothes Josh's mum gave us aeons ago, plus all the stuff we got inundated with when he was born, coz they all don't fit anymore. And just clean it out in general. I need to clean this entire place out.

Also need to get more ink for the printer, assuming the printer still works. Tao has taken it upon himself to change the ink cartridges, he's almost got them out a couple of times. Yes we are psychotic and strange and keep the printer where he can reach it, but I rather he destroy the printer (it was "only" $100 or so) than get to the powerboard that's behind the printer.

We believe that he is going to take after his daddy in the kung fu department, he has a liking for big sticks. There is a small skinny stick that the last people used to wedge the back door shut, and Tao has seen his daddy waving a big stick around at kung fu and has been doing likewise. It's quite cute to watch, specially seeing as he can't quite stand on his own yet.

He's also finally worked out how to get into a sitting position from crawling, so he doesn't get so frustrated when he's stuck in crawling position trying to play with things.

I'm supposed to be sending photos of Tao to people, better get onto that tonight. I should also remember to let people know that plastic is banned unless it's Lego. We're going to strongly encourage books and wooden and cloth toys for his birthday, or if it has to be plastic crap then it can at least be something imaginative. Wrath on anything that makes stupid noises. I have this strange urge to do invites for it. I don't know why. I may well do closer to the date.

Seeing how disjointed the post has been (odd that, have had to work around an active 9mo ;) I think I might end with a blatant plug for Alternative Baby. Australian site, active forums, worth checking out.

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