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Posted on: Sunday, 4 September 2005 @ 5:25pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Tiny is crawling around, not wuite like a pro but a lot more competently. He's a bit slow on the startup but once he gets going he goes pretty quick, and you'd never believe he's only been crawling for about 3 days. He was all over the place today, trying to get to the DVDs, the electrical cables and Josh's comics (which are on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf due to their height). I decided there wasn't really much need to buy him toys, he was quite happy batting and chasing and shaking one of the cat toys (a small ball with a bell in it) around :P

After watching the clothes get rained on (the rain was unexpected) we decided to take him to the park to play, seeing as he was trying to climb up on things (we'll ignore the fact that he can't pull up to stand properly yet). I sat with him at the park while Josh walked the mad dog around the place, he played in the sand and we sent him down the slide a couple of times. Tao was quite fascinated with the sand, picking it up and letting it run through his fingers. I made a couple of mounds for him to destroy, and took him for a toddle through it which amused him greatly.

He fell asleep in the back sling on the way home. I tried putting him down gently on the futon so he'd continue sleeping but no luck, he woke up with his eyes shut and his mouth open and wailed quite pathetically when he couldn't find what he was after. I jumped over and gave him a boob til he went back to sleep and he's settled for a nap now, possibly for the night. Which means he'll miss dinner but oh well, no big deal. He will need a bath when he's next awake enough to take one, he's still got a bit of sand and grit on him.

Was Josh's first Father's Day today, think he's had a good day so far :) He got a lot of playtime and cuddletime with his son (and a nice break from his assignments coz he's finished one and needed to chill before hitting the next one). No idea how we're going to cap it off, but I'm sure we'll think of something nice.

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